Liqui Design Completes the Interior Design of Brew92's Stunning Flagship Coffee Shop and Roastery

Liqui Design Completes the Interior Design of Brew92's Stunning Flagship Coffee Shop and Roastery

Liqui Design recently completed the interior design of a flagship coffee shop and roastery for Brew92. Located in Al Khayyat, Jeddah, Brew92's impressive flagship space is a testament to Liqui Design's fresh, imaginative and artisanal approach to design.

The flagship Al Khayyat cafe and roastery was Liqui Design's second project for Brew92 (the first was completed in 2017, also in Jeddah). Throughout Saudi Arabia, the speciality coffee scene is burgeoning and offers a popular alternative to traditional Arabic coffee (a drink that is prepared and served in accordance with a strict etiquette). While Western coffee chains are popular, there is a growing third wave coffee movement that considers coffee as an artisanal foodstuff - a trend that is especially attributable to millennials. Moreover, speciality coffee shops provide forums for social events, from poetry readings to art exhibits.

With a keen appreciation of Saudi Arabia's speciality coffee scene, Liqui Design worked with Brew92 to create a truly remarkable environment - one that appeals to coffee connoisseurs and art and fashion enthusiasts alike. By combining reclaimed wood, green foliage, blue tones and industrial components, Liqui Design achieved a space that embodies the Brew92 brand and ethos.

Brew92's flagship Al Khayyat cafe and roastery began as a large, open and bare two-storey building, devoid of character and charm. Liqui Design reimagined the space with the bold, bright and airy look and feel of a modern warehouse. Despite its scale, the cafe and roastery is imbued with warmth and personality. To achieve this, Liqui Design divided the space into a number of smaller seating areas, delineated by natural wood flooring. In addition, private lounge 'rooms' offer a sense of intimacy, and are enclosed with an industrial mesh. Architectural elements add a 'wow factor' to the overall plan: there is a magnificent glazed partition that separates the roastery, a large, bespoke island coffee counter and a striking spiral staircase.

The interior design work for Brew92's flagship space was undertaken by Liqui Design in the UK. All technical specifications were sent to the client, allowing their contractors to work on the build. Additionally, by sending the latest VR technology to the build team, they could fulfil Liqui's vision remotely. Liqui's own furniture and lighting designs were used for the project. Manufactured in the UK by Liqui Contracts, furniture and lighting pieces are made with sustainable materials, and combine traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation. The finished designs, including the modest and inviting Studio Cafe Table and Coffee Table, the modern and cosy Hove Club Chair and Sofa, and the quirky and affable Symbol Lamp, are hard-wearing, long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing.

Photos: Liqui Design