Allseating's Lyss Chair Awarded IDEA's Bronze Honor

Allseating's Lyss Chair Awarded IDEA's Bronze Honor

Allseating's Lyss chair has been awarded a Bronze 2018 International Design Excellence Award (IDEA). Lyss, designed by Carl Gustav Magnusson for Allseating, was selected as a winner for its supreme craftsmanship and elegant design.

"We are thrilled to continue to collaborate with world-class designers such as Carl Gustav Magnusson," commented Chris Binnendyk, President of Allseating. "It is a great honor that our peers have recognized Lyss for its timeless design and versatility, as well as Magnusson's unparalleled attention to detail. He is truly a master of his craft, blending his engineering acumen with a veteran expertise in materiality and aesthetics."

Elegant and unconventional, yet functional and accessible, Lyss embodies a 'think outside the box' mentality, pulling in organic materials and smart silhouettes for a myriad of commercial and residential seating solutions. With a dual shell construction - one for flexibility and the other for rigidity, Lyss fuses the two together to facilitate comfort and support. Considering a person's natural seating position, Magnusson implemented an ergonomics-first approach in designing Lyss. The chair features tulip-shaped arms that create an intuitive platform for one to rest their arm. Seamlessly transitioning into the contours of the seat, the chair's arms meet a 180-degree slit, imparting an air of weightlessness. The chair's upholstery provides an elevated, finishing detail that completes the sophisticated aesthetic that is Lyss.

Photo: Courtesy of Allseating