Cepezed Completes Sustainable and Collaborative Technova College

Cepezed Completes Sustainable and Collaborative Technova College

cepezed and cepezedinterior have recently completed the Technova College in Ede. The school is a new branch of the Regional Education Center ROC A12 and offers space for the departments Technique & Technology, Media & ICT and Sound & Vision. To make room for the building, a couple of older buildings at the ROC-campus were dismantled; one older building remained and was integrated into the new structure.

The new accommodation contains a mix of class rooms for theoretical and practice lessons and is a breeding ground for developments in technique. It is entirely focused on cooperation and interaction, internally, but also with the regional business community. The plinth consists of workshops with a transparent façade that clearly shows what is happening inside and thus has a direct relation with the environment. The interior is focussed on a rough, industrial atmosphere with strong color accents.

The building was realized by an executive consortium of which the assignment included the maintenance and energy supply. Also because of this reason, the design was strongly focussed on sustainability. The building is almost energy-neutral (BENG); it is not only energy-efficient, but also derives energy from a biomass plant and is equipped with solar panels.

Photography: Lucas van der Wee


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