Design in the Age of Big Data at Red Dot Design Museum

Design in the Age of Big Data at Red Dot Design Museum

Design in the Age of Big Data, on view at the Red Dot Design Museum from December 6 to March 3, will feature a selection of innovative products that highlight the impact of digitization on the products we use and the lives we lead, including sensors, scanners, fitness trackers and medical devices for monitoring and visualizing the human body.

The products are classified into different topics, helping visitors to the exhibition to understand the complex interplay between humans, technology and data flows in the era of big data, how they affect each other mutually, and what the consequences are for the design of intelligent products.

The exhibition concept is based on the article 'Homo Ex Data' by Professor Dr. Peter Zec, the Founder and CEO of the Red Dot Design Award. In that article, which was published in the catalogue of the same name for an exhibition in Hong Kong last year, the design expert takes an in-depth look at the reality of living in an era of big data and draws the following conclusion: "After Homo sapiens and Homo faber, a new type of human is emerging that we call 'Homo ex data,' a human whose living circumstances are determined by the generation and transfer of data."

The structure of the exhibition is based on the different activities in the world of Homo ex data, ranging from the realm of data collection to data processing products via the field of controlling intelligent products right through to optimized end products such as robots or VR products. This highlights the complexity and multifaceted nature of this thematic area.

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