Mater Launches Nova Chair Designed by ARDE

Mater Launches Nova Chair Designed by ARDE

Mater has recently launched Nova, a new stackable chair made from upcycled beech veneer. Nova is designed by the Danish design studio ARDE. Nova means 'new' and refers to the innovative and sustainable technique of molding the 3D veneer to create the shell of the chair.

The manufacturing process involves the slicing up and gluing together of recycled pieces of beech veneer in a delicate and patented process that creates a textual and organic looking surface. The result ensures a beautiful exploitation of the raw material and minimises the amount of waste during production. The 3D veneer allows for the chair to be shaped for optimum comfort, while ensuring a light and organic shape.

The Nova chair is available in a choice of three different stains - Black, Sirka Grey and Natural. The beech veneer chair shell rests on a steel frame and ensures that Nova stacks neatly.

Photos: Courtesy of Mater


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