San Francisco State University, Mashouf Wellness Center by WRNS Studio

San Francisco State University, Mashouf Wellness Center by WRNS Studio

WRNS Studio recently designed the Mashouf Wellness Center at San Francisco State University. Located on a prominent intersection at the edge of campus, the facility includes a mix of social, recreational, and competition spaces: a two-court gym, a large multi-purpose activities court (MAC), pools for both competitive and recreational swimming, a spa, cardio / fitness areas, a running track, a lounge, and meeting rooms. The Mashouf Wellness Center (MWC) will serve Associated Students, Campus Recreation, and the Cesar Chavez Student Center, as well as the broader campus community.

The MWC advances SF State Campus Recreation's mission to "promote positive physical and mental health, encourage lifetime interest in active, healthy lifestyles and provide student leadership opportunities that complement the academic experience." The project supports a holistic take on student success that values physical, emotional, social, and psychological wellbeing as integral to academic achievement. Recognizing the reciprocal relationship between notions of wellness and sustainability, the MWC is targeting LEED Platinum and models sustainability in a building type that has historically consumed large amounts of energy and water.

The massing and design are crisp, modern, and fluid, reflecting both the forward leaning ethos of the campus and the dynamic activity within. The MAC is situated at the northwest corner of the site, reaching into the heart of campus and presenting the building's public face to its community. Its large entry plaza also serves as a pre-function area for important campus events, such as graduations or performances. The natatorium, situated at the northwest corner, engages passersby on its well-traversed intersection with a large expanse of glazing - a gateway beacon showcasing life within, and glowing at night. The two-court gym located at the southeast corner captures views of a nearby park and a stunning eucalyptus grove. Playfields to the east serve as an active and green welcome mat.

Visitors enter the building into a 2-story "mixer" space with a climbing wall that serves as an active backdrop to the main entry and lobby space. The climbing wall reaches up, culminating in a glazed rooftop "lantern" that provides natural light to the main lobby and a more organic climbing experience. From here, visitors can choose between the main fitness room, the two-court gym, or the pool, or they can pause for a quick chat with friends in the lounge.

MWC is SF State's first LEED rated building and soon to be one of the few LEED Platinum collegiate recreation facilities in the country. Strategies include a pool discharge and on-site greywater system for collecting and treating water for landscape irrigation and toilet flushing, saving up to 600,000 gallons of water a year. A displacement ventilation system, LED lighting, and photovoltaics help offset 33% of the building's energy consumption and 25% of the building's energy cost. Over 90% of the construction's waste was diverted, eliminating debris from landfills. Lifecycle cost analysis for the various sustainable design components showed net savings over a 20-year analysis period.

Photography: Jeremy Bittermann

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