BAUX Launches 100 Percent Bio-based Acoustical Panels

BAUX Launches 100% Bio-based Acoustical Panels

BAUX has launched, 'Acoustic Pulp,' a series of nine, 100% bio-based and biodegradable acoustical panels that push the boundaries of sustainable building materials to a completely new level. The collection is the first in the world to uncompromisingly combine the high-performance properties of sound absorption, safety, and durability with modern aesthetics and sustainability.

"In the face of climate change, environmental pollution, and excessive consumerism, we as an industry can no longer afford to ignore the part we play," CEO of BAUX, Fredrik Franzon stated. "Designing and prototyping for the future is not enough. We need to create a sustainable future today. The new BAUX Acoustic Pulp is the result of our deep commitment to this vision."

The new BAUX Acoustic Pulp was developed in collaboration with Form Us With Love and a high-tech life science laboratory that works with biomimicry to organically modify cellulosic fibers from recycled streams of Swedish pine and spruce trees.

The design of BAUX Acoustic Pulp is inspired by origami folding techniques that help create the perfect acoustical environment. The panel's surface is nano-perforated using an advanced laser technique, which allows sound waves to enter and get trapped in the honeycomb chambers on the backside-utilizing technology once reserved for aircrafts and spaceships while keeping material usage to a minimum. Instead of paint, BAUX Acoustic Pulp is colored with non-GMO wheat bran.

When installed on wall surfaces, BAUX Acoustic Pulp panels help create restful acoustics in communal environments like offices, restaurants, schools and boardrooms. Contributing to greater productivity, without compromising the sustainability values held by today's modern and forward- thinking companies.

Photos: Courtesy of BAUX

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