Snark Park Announces Inaugural Exhibition, 'Lost and Found'

Snark Park Announces Inaugural Exhibition, 'Lost and Found'

Snark Park, Snarkitecture's latest venture, has announced its inaugural exhibition, Lost and Found. Opening on March 15 at Hudson Yards, the exhibition will encourage visitors to lose themselves in a labyrinth of massive, inhabitable columns, some of which are large enough to occupy and many of which offer unique audible, visual, and tactile experiences.

Conceived of as a modern-day enchanted forest, Lost and Found will challenge visitors to engage with their surroundings from fresh perspectives, using a variety of material changes and unexpected twists to reveal secret worlds. As visitors meander deeper into the installation, they also will encounter a hidden, two-way mirrored room that will pique curiosity and provide yet another way to reframe the everyday. Typical of Snarkitecture's craft, Lost and Found challenges our perceptions of the built world by reinvigorating the way in which we engage with art and architecture.

"We are thrilled to open Snark Park with Lost and Found," said Snarkitecture Partner Ben Porto. "Characteristic of our practice, the exhibition seeks to create memorable moments by infusing art and architecture with a sense of play. We are eager to see how visitors respond to Lost and Found's minimalist palette, changes in scale and original visual compositions."

Image: Courtesy of Snarkitecture


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