HBF Reimagines the Conference Table with Torre Collection

HBF Reimagines the Conference Table with Torre Collection

HBF is turning the traditional conference setting on its head with its newest line of Torre conference tables. Designed by HBF's internal Artis Studio and launched at NeoCon this month, Torre is an expertly crafted solid wood table that is both beautiful and functional, while supporting the demands of today's modern technologies. Torre's standout feature is its elegant, tapered base that can incorporate power and hides the appearance of wires and cords.

Torre's shape is inspired by a simple cake platter: a curved top with a column standing below that gently narrows towards the center and widens towards the base. Its strength is weighted at the base, but the table itself presents as lightweight, almost floating, thanks to the elevation of its wood top from the supporting columns.

"Commercial design features an increasingly blurred line between casual and formal, living and workplace," commented HBF President Dan Chong. "Torre responds to that need. It looks at-home in any stunning residential setting, but it has the durability and function of a powered piece for offices or other public spaces."

Torre accommodates modern workplace needs without sacrificing style. By integrating power through Torre's conical base to the floor, the table remains a seamless aesthetic expression, uninterrupted by visible cords and connectors. Its clean look makes it particularly flexible in the workplace as well as outside, to hospitality settings, cafes, and beyond... any modern setting looking to incorporate power in a design-forward way. The power outlets in the tabletop are centered for the round tables or right, right & left, or right & left & center for the soft rectangle tops. This flexible power placement offers additional functionality, channeling power to multiple users across the table based on the setup.

Its design language differentiates it from conference tables commonly found in the commercial environment. Constructed with a solid ash top, Torre's unique design presents a modern aesthetic with sustainable materials that will endure for years to come. The solid Ash top has a bull-nosed edge, while the statement-making tapered base comes in Ash veneer or solid surface (Corian) veneer.


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