Carl Hansen and Son Recreates 1936 Masterpiece Sofa by Danish Cabinetmaker Frits Henningsen

Carl Hansen & Son Recreates 1936 Masterpiece Sofa by Danish Cabinetmaker Frits Henningsen

Carl Hansen & Son is expanding its collection of Frits Henningsen furniture with the exceptional 1936 Coupé Sofa. The sofa's ingenious design is a continuation of the highly detailed 1930 Heritage Chair and the simple 1954 Signature Chair, which was to be Henningsen's last design. Like the two lounge chairs, the Coupé Sofa is characterized by an organic and soft form, a refined and personal expression, and an exceptional understanding of the materials - the result of strong quality consciousness.

"We have wanted to put this particular coupé sofa into production for a long time - simply because it is one of Frits Henningsen's most original designs," commented Knud Erik Hansen, CEO of Carl Hansen & Son. "With its shoulder-height profile, the angled rear legs, and the fine inner armrests; the sofa speaks for itself. It is unique and incredibly elegant, and the design is an excellent example of Henningsen's meticulous approach to his work. His training as a cabinetmaker is evident in all of his designs. We at Carl Hansen & Son share his passion for great craftsmanship, and his Coupé Sofa thus fits perfectly into our story of the legacy of the past 100 years of Danish design."

Frits Henningsen mastered simple shapes and great comfort, and his Coupé Sofa is no exception. It comfortably accommodates two people who can escape behind the high sides to find a tranquil space for moments of quiet contemplation. Despite its relatively high back and sides, the Coupé Sofa, which was previously considered a fireplace sofa, is a compact piece of furniture that integrates easily into any interior.

The Coupé Sofa, previously only available in leather, is now also available in fabric upholstery. The inner armrests and the piping on both variants come in leather. The sofa has a classic look in fully upholstered leather, while the combination of leather and fabric gives it a more playful, modern feel. Underneath the Coupé Sofa's refined exterior lies a solid and robust beech wood frame with foam padding. For optimum comfort, the inside of the seat is fitted with small pocket springs, each working individually and adapting to each person's sitting position while retaining the shape of the seat over time.

Photos: Courtesy of Carl Hansen & Son

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