nendo Designs IoT Home Appliances for Kakao

nendo Designs IoT Home Appliances for Kakao

nendo recently designed a collection of seven IoT home appliances for Kakao. The collection includes a humidifier, lamp, alarm clock, air cleaner, air sensor, scale and thermometer. The products were all given a simple and analog 'white bowl' as the base and a silicon 'icon' that is associated with and which symbolizes the different functions.

The colors that represent these icons were inspired by the tone used on the characters of 'Kakao Friends' and the same colors were used in the icons and the interface of the app connected to the home appliance, showing that the hardware and the software are linked to one another.

Also, each home appliance was paired with a character figure to make the character seem like the 'protagonist' of the story that the product embraces.

Photography: Akihiro Yoshida