JOI-Design Reinvents Ginger Goa for Taj Hotels

JOI-Design Reinvents Ginger Goa for Taj Hotels

JOI-Design recently reinvented Ginger Hotels brand for Taj Hotels Group, by transforming the former budget model into a lifestyle brand. Drawing on the creative, cultural and technical expertise of the company's studios in Mumbai, India, and Hamburg, Germany, the new Ginger reflects the young-spirited confidence of India's booming business and tourism sectors.

"We created a vibrant, happy concept defined by pure colours, linear structures, the local trend of 'tape art' and, at every reception area, a symbol of that region's cultural identity," explained Peter Joehnk, co-managing director, JOI-Design. "In the case of Goa, tiles allude to the city's Portuguese craft heritage, rather than having a classical style, they were specially made to complement the hotel's contemporary palette."

Bright and bold, strong and optimistic: the new Ginger prototype is aimed at young Indian and international millennials, digital natives, city hoppers and cosmopolitan families who love travel and experiencing the culture of India.

The team developed a 'lean luxe' model in which custom designs were tailored as much as they would be for luxury hotels. "The design concept is unique and new to the Indian market," commented Deepika Rao, managing director and CEO, Ginger Hotels. "Every element is well thought-out for the brand's persona, seamlessly switching between the passion points of work and play; individual and collective; and digital and analogue. Modern finishes and experiential zones blend effortlessly with local influences to create a match of efficiency and engagement."

The updated Ginger concept attracts business travelers looking for uncomplicated, affordable and design-oriented places to stay, yet also makes social interaction a top priority. An interactive design approach brings guests together in unconventional ways. Playful details such as swings instead of chairs and benches, rope cables hung from the ceiling, and guitars just waiting to be played add to the easy-going spirit.

Humorous details create a light-hearted atmosphere that doesn't take itself too seriously: small animal figurines typical to the region, handwoven carpets with graphic patterns, wallcovering in a spectrum of hues; and in the window frames, installations made from taut, colorful threads that serve as visual screens. All Ginger properties will feature a variation on the "tree of life" motif as a symbol of unity and a celebration of life. In Goa, this appears as a "tree" installation above a dining table.

Anchored floor-to-ceiling ropes divide the public areas into zones for relaxation, dining, and work, yet still allow for casual interaction. Polaroid cameras clipped on the ropes let travelers capture the moment, creating memories with snapshots can be posted alongside "tape art" on the lobby's feature walls. Small seating islands from cozy nooks where guests can enjoy moments of privacy, intimate conversations and focused concentration for work.

Compact yet comfortable guestrooms hold everything needed in a well-organized layout: king-sized beds, wall-to-wall sofa benches, height-adjustable shelves with a flat-screen television, and a closet with a safe. An integrated luggage rack allows quick and easy sorting, and a trolley functions as a platform for working and eating, or storage space. Custom wallcoverings give each guestroom floor its own personality, yet overall, the palette is calmer so travelers can relax and recharge for the social scene downstairs.

Photography: Pankaj Anand, Courtesy of JOI-Design


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