nendo Designs &Drip for Coca-Cola Japan

nendo Designs &Drip for Coca-Cola Japan

nendo has designed a new home use capsule coffee machine for Coca-Cola Japan Company.

After placing the capsule which contains coffee beans into the machine, with a single push of a button, users can serve themselves a variety of coffees, including 'Regular Black,' 'Iced Coffee' and 'Cafe Latte.' &Drip automatically sets appropriate water temperature for the flavor, and a mechanism evenly spreads the hot water within the capsule to create a softer pressurizing effect compared to espresso-machines. These two functions make it possible to achieve a mild taste with a rich aroma and less bitterness and sharpness. This unique soft pressurizing feature also reduces the level of noise generated during the brewing process.

Inspired by its 'quietness,' &Drip was designed to be used in the living room. The body of the device is a simple cube, without a backside, so that it can be placed in the middle of the room. The round-shaped 'mouth' on the front prevents the coffee from spattering during the dripping process. The movement of the lid of the capsule slot was fine-tuned to open slowly, for a welcoming feeling. Touch-panels were used for the operational buttons so that it would not be visible when it is not being operated, and the interface designed to blink softly.

&Drip also comes with a case for storing the capsules and a box for throwing out the used capsules. The design of the machine allows using a 500 ml plastic bottle directly on the machine instead of using a water tank, eliminating the need for filling up or cleaning.

Photography: Akihiro Yoshida


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