Bell Market by nemaworkshop

Bell Market by nemaworkshop

nemaworkshop recently completed Bell Market - a sleek, modern, and incredibly welcoming culinary destination located within the world-renowned research building, Bell Labs. The historic building, originally designed by architect Eero Saarinen, proves to be the perfect home for the thoughtful design curation put forth by nemaworkshop founder, Anurag Nema.

Visualized across five fast-casual eateries arranged in a market-style, the gathering place complements the building's storied past and today's hospitality design preferences. Each eatery within the halls offers a distinct personality. Flush with natural light and a timeless aesthetic built upon crisp materials, the market generates instant appeal. A large family-style eating area is adjacent to the market and is illuminated with string Edison bulbs hung across the corridor.

Although consistent and cohesive in style across the space, five distinct eateries grace its halls: Broadfork Greens + Grains, Bubz Deli, Corbo & Sons, Honeybell Bakery, and Jozu.

Broadfork Greens + Grains

Capturing attention with its marble countertop ordering station and clean white tiling, the greens and grains market station is aesthetically minimalistic. A pop of color is infused at the back wall of Broadfork Greens + Grains with a display of bright pickling jars.

Bubz Deli

Designed to both match the character of the space and to instill nostalgia of New York City-based delis, Bubz Deli's market station is branded appropriately with block letters and seamless glass partitioning.

Corbo & Sons

Made instantly distinctive with two large pizza ovens branded with the eatery's name in red tiles, the Corbo & Sons market station serves both pizza and elevated style. Marble countertops are continued within this space as well, while oak wood chairs offer seating with a live view of the pizza chefs in action.

Honeybell Bakery

As sweet as its name suggests, Honeybell Bakery offers a soft design encased in subway tile and thoughtfully arranged displays. Marble countertop and wood paneling painted white is also in play within the market station.


Softwood staples define Jozu, with a long wooden double-sided counter providing seating. Biophilic touches are found in the center of the table, which are highlighted by modern pendant lights.

Photography: Courtesy of nemaworkshop


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