Nendo Designs Digital Hub for Global Firm

Nendo Designs Digital Hub for Global Firm

nendo recently designed a digital hub for a global professional firm based in Tokyo. The Center has three galleries and a lounge area to showcase new digital technologies, a multipurpose space to hold seminars and events, as well as office functions such as meeting rooms and a work space.

Derived from the fact that in the digital world, every piece of information is converted into combinations of '0' and '1' before it is stored and reproduced, the interior was formed by transparent glass partitions that has a textured surface made of '0's and '1's. First and foremost, in order to secure tensile strength, laminated glass composed of two layers was used and four layers of film were inserted between the two glass layers to give a shatterproof effect. The textured surface was formed by placing the glass plate on a stainless-steel mold and applying heat to the glass to make it soft, thereby applying the pattern to the molted glass which deflects by its own weight.

When walking around the completed space, the landscape spreading outside the window and the exhibits, plants and signs of visitors appear in distorted layers. The intention was to express the future of IoT, a fusion of digitalism and reality, through this scenery where real and virtual images are integrated harmoniously.

Photography: Takumi Ota


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