2201 Broadway Lobby by Studio O+A

2201 Broadway Lobby by Studio O+A

Studio O+A wove 21st-century design through the 1931 Art Deco lobby of Oakland's historic Breuner Building at 2201 Broadway, once home to a furniture company and now providing multi-tenant office space to the likes of WeWork.

O+A's approach was to juxtapose the muscularity and authenticity of the original structure-state-of-the-art for its time-with modern lighting and furniture. Outside, new signage and window designs blend with the classic Art Deco façade. Inside, custom wall graphics add depth and dynamism.

From the metal hand railings to the lighting and furniture, sturdy but modern architectural details complement the exposed concrete structure of the historic building. The lobby café subtly recalls Oakland's long maritime history with scallop-shell patterns, porthole lighting, and a counter like a ship's prow.

Photography: Garrett Rowland

Studio O+A

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