HofmanDujardin Completes Indeed Office Düsseldorf

HofmanDujardin Completes Indeed Office Düsseldorf

HofmanDujardin has designed a vibrant, colorful and inclusive office for Indeed in Düsseldorf. HofmanDujardin combined a strong local character with an international working environment. The warm and colorfully textured office provides the employees with a homey and comfortable atmosphere to work in.

The office is situated in a courtyard office building with big open plans. Based on their design philosophy 'Shaping Intuition,' HofmanDujardin designed custom made frame elements which introduce a human scale. They feature styling elements and work-related devices like screens or sales gongs and double as wardrobes. Besides, the frames form natural partitions between the work stations and the informal lounge areas. Strategically placed on the building corners, these lounges invite employees to have a break or informal meeting while overlooking the city of Düsseldorf.

HofmanDujardin collaborated with the local artist Ben Mathis, who is famous for his artworks on façades around Düsseldorf. For the Indeed office, he made paintings of abstractions of typical German subjects, like Football, the Autobahn, Hamburg Harbour and Berlin wall. The expressive paintings, each done in unique colors, now cover the core of the office floors while complementing the balanced material palette of the interior. It gives the international office a colorful and local character.

All meeting rooms have a distinctive character. The graphics on the acoustic walls build on the typical German themes that also inspired the pixel art walls. They form a recognizable background during video conferences and ensure perfect acoustics to allow for concentration.

Photography: Matthijs van Roon, Courtesy of HofmanDujardin


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