//3877 Completes D.C.'s Latest Fine-Dining Hotspot 'Cranes'

//3877 Completes D.C.'s Latest Fine-Dining Hotspot 'Cranes'

//3877 recently designed D.C.'s latest fine-dining hotspot 'Cranes.' A restaurant and sake lounge that explores the intersection of Spanish and Japanese cuisines, Cranes is the collaborative brainchild of internationally renowned Chef Pepe Moncayo and //3877.

Inspired by the compositional beauty and color of world-renowned Pepe's culinary creations, as well as the chef's Spanish and Japanese influences, the 11,000-square-foot restaurant's design is defined by its understated yet warm materiality, dark textures, polished metals, dramatic lighting, and sweeping architectural features that double as art installations and wayfinding.

Favoring a Japanese aesthetic - also a nod to the restaurant's namesake - //3877 created mini 'vignettes' within Cranes as the backdrop for a variety of culinary experiences. Down-lighting is used to maximize the 'shadow play' and elevate the drama of the moody atmosphere, creating intimate moments within each area.

The Japanese aesthetic continues with the art selection, where the minimalist curation accentuates the dramatic architectural elements.

Photography: Rey Lopez


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