Chair Times - A History of Seating - From 1800 to Today

Chair Times: A History of Seating - From 1800 to Today

Vitra is streaming 'Chair Times' - a film that documents the many-sided world of chairs - for free during this particular time. The film charts a course through an ocean of chairs.

In Chair Times, Vitra Chairman Emeritus and former CEO Rolf Fehlbaum speaks with experts in the design field, including designers Hella Jongerius, Antonio Citterio and Ronan Bouroullec, architects and collectors Arthur Rüegg and Ruggero Tropeano, architect David Chipperfield, Director of the Vitra Design Museum Mateo Kries, Vitra Design Museum curator Amelie Klein, Jochen Eisenbrand and collection curator Serge Mauduit.

Focusing on 125 objects from the Collection of the Vitra Design Museum, the conversations explore the development of chairs over centuries, examining them as 'portraits of their users.'

The video argues that each chair exemplifies the production techniques, social structures, and fashions of the era in which they were created - for example, the Eames plywood chairs were introduced after Charles Eames, who was experimenting with plywood bending at the time, was tapped by the Navy during WWII to create splints that were lightweight and easy to carry.

Photo: Courtesy of Vitra

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