SCI-Arc Making+Meaning 2020

SCI-Arc Making+Meaning 2020

SCI-Arc has announced that its summer program Making+Meaning will be held online this year. Now open to applicants all around the world, students from across the US, Asia, Europe, and beyond will convene to delve deeply into the most cutting-edge techniques and processes advancing design and architecture today.

Making+Meaning is a discovery career program for students that may or may not have any experience in architecture, or want to refine their own technical skillsets or design abilities.

Unlike previous iterations, the program will be divided into two modules, each two weeks long, during which participants will develop interactive content for a design portfolio, all while cultivating a creative community through the exploration of architecture. Upon finishing the program, students will present their design work and receive feedback from renowned architects and design professionals.

Making+Meaning exposes participants to a wide range of tools and techniques that integrate digital representation and architectural design to jumpstart a profession in the field, expand existing skills, or inform a possible shift in career. By the end of four weeks in the program, students will have completed a series of complex design projects, having honed the ability to visualize them with digital tools, such as Rhino, Adobe Creative Suite, photographic documentation, 3D scanning, and augmented reality visualization.

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