Tom Dixon and Prolicht Unveil CODE

Tom Dixon & Prolicht Unveil CODE

Tom Dixon has announced a collaboration with Prolicht to launch a new lighting range 'CODE.' The range utilizes bare LEDs on circuit boards that can be used to create thin strips, delicate chains and continuous columns of light.

"For the past year, we've been obsessed with printed circuit boards (PCBs)," Dixon stated. "So flat, so efficient, and so very luminous! Our collaboration with Prolicht started high in the mountains of Innsbruck where we shared our first thoughts on a Minimal Track System that would attempt to remove the superfluous and reveal the light engine in all its naked glory.

"The mystery to us was why so much time and effort had been expended hiding and minimising these extraordinary boards that have become so ubiquitous. We wanted to get to the essence of modern light, which has so swiftly moved from incandescent electrical to pure electronics, transforming the way we are able to illuminate and radically reduce our electricity consumption at the same time. The question was how we could expose and explain the simple and intricate beauty of the circuit board and strip away any peripheral decoration or structure."

CODE has three LED light sources: Dot, Dash and Grid. These elementary shapes of round, square and line form the basis of a kit-of-parts, which allow infinite possibilities to design graphic lighting sculptures.

Photo: Courtesy of Tom Dixon

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