855 Brannan Street by David Baker Architects

855 Brannan Street by David Baker Architects

David Baker Architects recently completed its multifamily project 855 Brannan Street. Right across the street from Airbnb's headquarters and across an alley from Zynga's headquarters, the complex has 449 apartments, including 15 at-grade flex lofts and 55 below-market-rate apartments, as well as a large courtyard featuring an urban redwood grove ringed with community spaces.

The complex occupies a full city block, so DBA broke it up with two landscaped public mid-block passages between Brannan Street and the alley. DBA also widened sidewalks on Brannan, planted mature palm trees, and incorporated 16,000 sf of ground-floor neighborhood-serving retail to enhance the pedestrian experience. Weathering and galvanized steel on the exterior nod to the area's industrial heritage.

Photography: Bruce Damonte

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