The Text Block as Building Block with Angie Wang

The Text Block as Building Block with Angie Wang

The text block is fundamental to creating any typographic system - whether on the page or on-screen. But what typeface to use, and at what size? How do we determine line length and leading? And what about readability?

In this two-day workshop - hosted by Letterform Archive, students will learn the basic principles of setting text typography. Angie Wang, a designer & educator who specializes in typography and typographic systems, will begin by examining the interdependence between type size, leading, line length, ragging, and justification. Students will then be introduced to traditional methods of shaping the page and will set continuous text within the grids of a single-column and multi-column page.

This workshop is for beginning typographers, or for any designer who needs a refresher on setting a proper text block. Basic knowledge of InDesign is required.

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