Ware Malcomb Designs L'oreal Pulp Riot Offices in Encino

Ware Malcomb Designs L'oreal Pulp Riot Offices in Encino

Ware Malcomb recently completed L'Oreal's new Pulp Riot offices located in Encino, Calif. Pulp Riot is a professional brand of hair color known for its portfolio of cutting-edge products featuring bold and vibrant colors and dedication to artistic expression. Their new 6,600 square foot office space includes a hair demo salon, conference rooms, open offices, flex offices and a photo studio. The space serves as a training facility for stylists throughout the country who frequently visit to learn how to create innovative hairstyles with Pulp Riot's wide array of coloring products.

"This is a company with a very distinct brand, and we wanted the interior design to showcase that brand and tell a story throughout the space," commented Alicia Zaro, Director of Interior Architecture & Design for Ware Malcomb's Los Angeles office. "In working closely with the team at L'Oreal and Pulp Riot, we created an environment where the company's branding could speak for itself in a space that inspires innovation and creativity for employees and visitors alike."

Ware Malcomb selected materials that used simple textures in contrasting ways. Black, white, and greys were paired with simple white walls to allow blank canvases for the company's branding, creating huge statement walls. Darker ceilings were incorporated to allow for a deep contrast with the pops of colors on the walls, which were provided by a graffiti artist who had also worked on Pulp Riot's branding and packaging.

The conference rooms were designed around the names and color tones of Pulp Riot's popular hair color products. Each one is unique and reflects a specific brand. Acoustical clouds were dropped in the main conference room with organic flowing carpet to create a grand entry for the space adjacent to the demo salon. Ware Malcomb also selected furniture colors that tied into the overall branding concept.

Photography: Haley Hill

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