JDO Puts Playful Spin on Social Distancing with 'Normville'

JDO Puts Playful Spin on Social Distancing with 'Normville'

Imagine a world where social distancing is not only normal, but a way to be creative and have a good laugh. That world is Normville, where the citizens have always done things they love the most, but are careful not to get too close.

Created by JDO, Normville puts a positive and playful spin on the one-meter rule, reinforcing its importance in a refreshing way that will resonate with a society suffering from a bit of lockdown fever.

"Social distancing is massively important but that doesn't mean we can't have some fun reminding people," said Andy Briscoe, Creative Director at JDO. "It's been particularly difficult to engage younger people with the distancing rules - so encouraging everyone to be a Norm and join the movement will hopefully go some way to keep everyone safe."

Normville is filled with colorful characters that take a creative approach to assert their personal space. Like Norman Day with his one-meter cap that ensures there's always a proper gap and Norma Fierce with her extra-puffed Afro puffs that show that she doesn't play when it's time to keep the onlookers at bay.

With a Dr. Seussy tone of voice that is cheeky and clever as it is cheerful and chipper, Normville hopes to encourage respect and civic responsibility in a way that is fresh and fun.

A digital campaign and a movement, Normville aims to inspire and motivate people to get creative with how they #respectthedistance in the new norm.