Meteo S by Konstantin Grcic

Meteo S by Konstantin Grcic

Meteo S is a continuation of the Meteo family designed by Konstantin Grcic, which explores the enormous untapped potential of modern sunshade design.

Protection from direct sunlight has become a fundamental condition for our health and well-being. The growing influence of sunshades and other shade systems in the planning and furnishing of modern urban landscapes, leisure resorts and private residences presents the challenge of providing a renewed focus for this specialized product category.

This project has been developed on the basis of Kettal's experience in garden furniture, motivated by a genuine search for performance and quality in design: a contemporary, comfortable product made of the most intelligent materials for efficient and long-lasting protection.

Meteo S is designed with sustainable materials; 70% of the sunshade is made from recycled materials and is 100% recyclable. It is a basic model, which uses a simple manual system for opening and closing.

Photos: Courtesy of Kettal

Konstantin Grcic