Pensole Launches 'Designing with Sole' Global Intensive Design Program

Pensole Launches 'Designing with Sole' Global Intensive Design Program

Pensole, in partnership with Foot Locker & New Balance, has launched a hands-on, global intensive design program that creates opportunities for aspiring footwear and apparel designers and marketers who have been traditionally underrepresented in the industry. 'Designing with Sole' aims to create a path for the underrepresented voices in the industry, including outreach and support of the Black community and its supporters. This is an educational opportunity provided at no cost to selected participants.

"Foot Locker and New Balance have both worked with PENSOLE on very successful programs," commented PENSOLE founder D'Wayne Edwards. "This year, we're focusing on aspiring designers in communities that have long supported sneaker culture but sadly have been uninvolved in its product creation. Designing with Sole will be a significant step in correcting that inequity."

The deadline for submissions is June 7. PENSOLE and New Balance will select the top 160 submissions among designers in footwear, color and materials, functional apparel and students in brand and product marketing. Finalists will be announced on June 21.

The first online class of the program will take place between June 28th and July 23, after which 60 students will be selected to partake in a 12-week 'learn by doing' program in which students will form teams and will be introduced to the curriculum on the product creation process. This program will feature industry professionals from New Balance, ranging from design directors, designers, design recruiters, technicians, and developers - all willing to share knowledge to help inspire, guide and challenge students to reach their creative potential.

The top 10 from this class will attend an in-person course at New Balance at the end of the class and North American participants will have the opportunity to receive a paid internship with Foot Locker and New Balance.

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