Symphony of Manufacturing Sounds by Resident

Symphony of Manufacturing Sounds by Resident

To mark its ten year anniversary, Resident has created a short video entitled 'Symphony of Manufacturing Sounds,' shot with Super 8 film on location in New Zealand. The sounds accompanying the video were captured in factories and rearranged in a rhythmic way, to create a complementary symphony.

"The aim of the project was to combine the aspects of native audio and imagery, to illustrate the raw beauty of manufacturing," commented Residents Co-Founder Scott Bridgens. "So often we see picture-perfect polished manufacturing imagery, which is almost unbelievable.

"With the symphony, we wanted to celebrate the honest and stark grounded reality of craftsmanship. We chose to make an original score out of factory noises to celebrate the skills of our people, whose unique abilities allow us to sculpt, manipulate and evolve precious materials into precious products."

Photo: Courtesy of Resident