Imaginary Forces Designs IMAX 'Spider-Man - No Way Home' Key Art

Imaginary Forces Designs IMAX 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' Key Art

The hustle and bustle of the Big Apple wouldn't be what it is without taking the subway, catching a taxi, grabbing a quick hot dog, and spotting Spider-Man swinging through the city. Taking IMAX's vision of capturing the multiverse in 3D print, Imaginary Forces (IF) created key art that reimagines Spider-Man's home city, New York.

Met with the challenge of ensuring that the composition could be tailored for various media spaces all over the world, IF delivered a design that integrates Spidey's cityscape with IMAX's trademark logo. Suspended in Spider-Man's web, the viewer soon realizes that the weight of the brick IMAX logo is nothing compared to what's in store for him in the multiverse.

Image: Courtesy of Imaginary Forces

Imaginary Forces

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