The Faces Behind Typefaces - Deep Dive into Legacies of Pioneers of Type Design

The Faces Behind Typefaces: Deep Dive into Legacies of Pioneers of Type Design

Readymag, in collaboration with Type Directors Club, has released a web project The Faces Behind Typefaces, featuring a selection of insightful conversations about typographers who have made extraordinary contributions to the creative field - Paula Scher, Paul Rand, Gerard Unger, Ed Benguiat, Rubén Fontana, Emigre, and Adrian Frutiger.

Designed in the form of an editorial, 'The Faces Behind Typefaces' coincides with the 75th anniversary of The Type Directors Club. On the 12th of September, the TDC announced Akira Kobayashi, creative type director at Monotype, as this year's recipient of its highest honor, the prestigious TDC Medal, which recognizes individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the field of typography.

To honor this special occasion, Readymag created a web space for meaningful dialogue between generations of typographers, connecting prominent figures in type design. The Faces Behind Typefaces is a deep dive into the impact and legacy of the TDC Medal and the past medalists. It consists of seven chapters, in which Sven Lindhorst-Emme talks about Paula Scher's role in type design, Qian Sun reflects on Paul Rand's legacy, Douglas Davis discusses Ed Benguiat's impact on creative fields, Akira Kobayashi reminisces on Adrian Frutiger, and more. The webpage was designed by Tatiana Egoshina from Readymag.

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