Unprecedented Audio Quality from BeoLink Wireless 1

Unprecedented Audio Quality from BeoLink Wireless 1

BeoLink Wireless 1 makes possible a wireless solution that doesn't mean compromising what you expect of quality audio

BeoLink Wireless 1 offers music in CD quality in any room of your home, without the need to draw cables from room to room. For 20 years, BeoLink from Bang & Olufsen has led the way for home integration of entertainment, without any deterioration in quality. Now, BeoLink Wireless 1 makes possible a wireless solution that doesn't mean compromising what you expect of quality audio.

For BeoLink Wireless 1, Bang & Olufsen has chosen a mature wireless technology that can match three critical parameters: it is very robust, has a very low level of delay with no echo, and it can distribute audio to up to 21 rooms in your home at the same time.

No compromise on quality
"Finding a technology that satisfies our quality criteria has not been easy - but we have succeeded," says Torben Kyed, Product Manager, Bang & Olufsen. "BeoLink Wireless 1 offers ease and convenience, but we are not releasing a wireless solution simply for its own sake. Bang & Olufsen does not compromise on the quality of the experience, and therefore BeoLink Wireless 1 is audio only."

BeoLink Wireless 1 adds the convenience of wireless transmission of quality audio between rooms, replacing the Master Link cable in Bang & Olufsen's BeoLink concept, which is about moving the entertainment around the home, and not the equipment. However, cables still need to be drawn from the BeoLink Wireless 1 receiver to the loudspeakers in each room.

BeoLink Wireless 1 works with BeoLab loudspeakers, together with the stylish remote IR eye, which relays the signal to the loudspeaker. In addition, many older products not sold today will work in a wireless setup. The elegantly-shaped BeoLink Wireless 1 unit is available with a black or white finish, and can be placed on the floor, shelf or bookcase, or mounted on one of two wall brackets.

Easy to install
Each BeoLink Wireless 1 unit functions as both a transmitter and receiver. A single transmitter can service up to seven rooms (seven pairs of loudspeakers), and the system can manage up to three transmitters with 21 pairs of loudspeakers around the house. Depending on the actual placement and surroundings indoors, a receiver and transmitter can be up to 30 meters apart. The outside range is approximately 100 meters.

BeoLink Wireless 1 operates on the 2.4 GHz band, which is available worldwide, but is also used for many other devices (WLAN networks, Bluetooth telephones, microwaves, and so on). Therefore the challenge to find a technology that could meet Bang & Olufsen's stringent requirements, not least being very robust against interference from other devices.

"BeoLink Wireless 1 is a solution that appeals strongly to those who do not wish to bore holes for cabling between rooms, and who do not wish to compromise on the quality of the audio experience," concludes Torben Kyed. "We expect this new product to appeal not only to many existing customers, but to help new customers appreciate the unprecedented transmission quality of our Link room solutions, expanding on our BeoLink concept."

Technical Specifications
Technology: 2.4 GHz DSSS audio system
Transmission range: Indoors 30m, without obstruction 100m
Dimensions: L 280mm x H 121.5mm x W 50mm tapering to 25mm
Weight: 730g
Materials: Soft-touch lacquer finish
Wall bracket: Standard

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