Ambient Noise-Reducing Electronic Stethoscope Awarded International Design Prize

Ambient Noise-Reducing Electronic Stethoscope Awarded International Design Prize

Bang & Olufsen Medicom, an innovative drug delivery device solutions provider for the pharmaceutical industry, has announced today another design award for the E3000 electronic stethoscope, which the company developed in partnership with 3M.

The iF Design award 2006 was bestowed on the E3000 electronic stethoscope, the second award for that product in one year. The stethoscope has been singled out by two separate design awards for its sleek appearance and ambient noise-reducing sensor technology.

The E3000 electronic stethoscope has been co-developed and produced by Bang & Olufsen Medicom and 3M and is marketed under the 3MTM Littmann® brand. This is the fourth design award that has recognised projects involving both design and development contributions from Bang & Olufsen Medicom in the past year.

Henrik Kagenow, CEO of Bang & Olufsen Medicom commenting on the news said: "Each of these design awards pay tribute not only to the discrete designs but also to our state-of-the-art electronics and software patents that have helped create the stethoscope and tablet reminder device. It is a great recognition for both 3M and our engineering and design teams that their joint collaboration is repeatedly highlighted on an international level."

In December, the 3M™ Littmann® stethoscope was presented the prestigious Danish Innovation and Design (D.I.D) Award at a ceremony in Horsens, Denmark. The stethoscope is used by thousands of cardiologists and physicians worldwide. The widespread use of the stethoscope confirms claims that the product can pick up difficult-to-hear heart and lungs sounds in a variety of noisy environments. The ambient noise-reducing technology has been proven to filter out surrounding sound by 75%.

Meanwhile, a second product by Bang & Olufsen Medicom has also had a dual design award success in the past year. The Helping Hand™, a novel tablet reminder device, has received two design awards and was a finalist in the global INDEX awards 2005. The device is unique on the market and currently serves thousands of customers in Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Italy, South America and Japan. The Helping Hand's intelligent design is particularly helpful in tackling the widespread issue of patient compliance. The device has built-in electronic features -- a traffic light colour-coded feedback system to name one -- that helps users to remember to take their medication and motivates them to continue this routine, for the long term.

In December, the Chicago Athenaeum museum paid tribute to The Helping Hand™ by presenting Bang & Olufsen Medicom with a GOOD DESIGN award 2005 at a local ceremony. In September 2005, the iF Design was awarded to Bang & Olufsen Medicom for The Helping Hand™ device, making it quite a successful year for the innovative company.

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