Imaginary Forces Partners with Koppel Group to Brand Koppel on Discovery Series

Imaginary Forces Partners with Koppel Group to Brand Koppel on Discovery Series

Entertainment and design company Imaginary Forces (IF) recently designed the main titles for "The Price of Security," part of the Koppel On Discovery long-form programming developed by Ted Koppel and Executive Producer Tom Bettag exclusively for the Discovery Channel. The series touches on some of the most important events, people and places changing lives today. "The Price of Security" special premiered on Sunday, September 10, 2006 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

"The Price of Security" addresses the delicate balance between national security and individual liberties after the 9/11 attacks. Imaginary Forces, led by Creative Director Karin Fong, created main titles that reflected the push and pull between these critical issues.

Fong explains that, "In creating the main title sequence for 'The Price of Security,' we were able to use our cinematic skills as a storyteller and design firm... and the graphics take a filmic and artistic approach with a high production value." IF was thrilled to partner on the sequence with Composer Cliff Martinez who created the powerful, original theme music for the titles and the program.

Imaginary Forces is responsible for creating the main titles for the entire Koppel On Discovery series, which will include six to eight documentaries over the next year. Upcoming programs include an exploration on Iran and the powerful position it holds in the Middle East.

Additionally, IF designed a sophisticated and elegant logo for the Koppel On Discovery series, which reinforces the cinematic aesthetic of the programming and features a globe as a visual allusion to the Discovery Channel brand.

Creative Director: Karin Fong
Executive Producer: Anita Olan
Producer: Cara McKenney
Art Director: Dana Yee
Designers: Karin Fong, Dana Yee, Arisu Kashiwagi
Animators: Gary Tam, Andreas Berner, Stan Lim, Magnus Hierta
Editors: Danielle White, Caleb Woods
Coordinator: Courtney Graham

About Imaginary Forces
Imaginary Forces (IF) is an entertainment and design company based in Hollywood and New York. Its award-winning work spans the diverse industries of feature film production, entertainment marketing and promotion, corporate branding, architecture, advertising and interactive media.

IF's recent work includes identity packages for Lifetime, USA Network, Animal Planet and MTV, as well as effective and compelling broadcast advertising for Nike, Toyota, Pontiac, Smirnoff and Lexus. In entertainment and media marketing, IF created campaigns for such films as Transformers, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Stepford Wives, Signs and both Men in Black films. The company also designed and produced main title sequences for The Break-Up, Ray, The Legend of Zorro, Band of Brothers, Spider-Man, Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat and Seven, and produced the highly successful Blade trilogy.

Combining architecture and media, IF has developed branded experiences for IBM, Morgan Stanley, Airbus Industries and the NFL's Baltimore Ravens. The studio is also a principal partner in United Architects (UA), one of six finalists for the re-design of the World Trade Center site at Ground Zero. Combining storytelling, filmmaking and architecture to address the social, emotional, urban, national and international issues, the UA model is now a part of the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art. UA recently collaborated on an immersive architectural media exhibit, "Bubbles in the Wine," for the "New York, New York" exhibition in the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco. The company also designed and created projections for Director Julie Taymor's operatic production of "Grendel."

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