Imaginary Forces Designs Original Qee Toy for Graphic Contents Show

Imaginary Forces Designs Original Qee Toy for Graphic Contents Show

Entertainment and design company Imaginary Forces (IF) has designed a one-of-a-kind Qee toy for the Graphic Contents toy show at mixi-bang! gallery in Pasadena, CA. IF Art Director Grant Lau created the 8" vinyl figure, which was inspired by IF's own Kubrick toy, Mark -- a representation of the Imaginary Forces logo with an orange head and transparent body.

"We found a way to incorporate Mark, our Kubrick figure, in a weird, twisted way," says Lau. "We wanted to maintain the IF brand, but also the purity of Mark with his clear body, as well as that of the Qee doll, which is white. Our final design is a dimensional metaphor of the 'Eat or Be Eaten' concept."

IF is one of several motion graphics and design studios invited by mixi-bang! to customize their own 8" Toy2R Qee. The Graphic Contents show opens to the public on Saturday, October 14th at the mixi-bang! gallery in Pasadena and will be on exhibit until November 3rd. All of the work will be available for sale at the show and also on the mixi-bang! website following the opening reception.

"The Graphic Contents show takes the concept of custom toy shows in a new direction by strictly inviting only the premier graphic design studios in the fields of print and motion graphics," explains David Chen, mixi-bang! Co-Founder. "I felt there was a need for more crossover between the urban vinyl world and the design industry - and having the studios all work on a unified project. Working on a 3D object and displaying their work in a gallery environment will really showcase each studio's unique design abilities."

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