3D Design Companies

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    New York-based LAUNCH is the global leader in test commercial production. By uniting cutting-edge 3D technology with top talent from the advertising and film industries, LAUNCH achieves a level of storytelling that has been impossible with traditional animatics.

  2. Lemons Bucket

    Lemons Bucket

    Lemons Bucket creates hyperrealist CG images, captures the essence of the design and recreates arquitecture as 3d with the sensitivity it deserves.

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    Brick Visual

    Brick Visual is a team of highly skilled professionals with backgrounds in architecture, design and technology. We provide high quality computer-rendered images, fly-through animations, advertisement movies and interactive solutions for real estate projects.



    ALT/SHIFT is a super versatile 3D studio - dedicated to visual communication through outright awesome design. We create custom design solutions for a wide range of different industries and clients around the world. We craft stunning images with character and emotions.

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    Dosch Design

    Dosch Design offers computer graphics products for 3D design, advertising, print materials, 3D animation and multimedia presentations. Dosch Design is dedicated to providing finely detailed, high-quality products at an attractive price.

  6. FalconCAD


    We are a full services product design development and prototyping firm. We can help take ideas from scratch drawings to 3D design renderings to prototyping and produce 2D production drawings if needed. Our background in the Aerospace industry makes us very detail oriented when it comes to planning and execution of any design project. Let us take your next great idea and turn it into a functioning product. We also provide FEA analysis should your project require analysis of critical components.

  7. Atomic Props and Effects

    Atomic Props & Effects

    Atomic Props is a prop advertising company specializing in 3D billboards and other forms of creative outdoor advertising based out of St. Paul, Minnesota. Through work on campaigns for companies like Starbucks, HBO, Coca-Cola and many others, Atomic Props has become a go-to resource for many of the country's top ad agencies.

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    dbox is a New York City based creative agency specializing in 3D renderings, real estate media strategy, and online marketing.

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    3D Ace Studio

    3D Ace Studio is a creative & graphics production division of Program-Ace LLC that delivers high quality 2D and 3D graphics, animation, modeling and programming services for high-end games, movies and videos.

  10. VisualMediaWorks


    Having more than a decade of experience in 3D architectural rendering, VisualMediaWorks is multi-disciplined in 3D computer graphics, animation, interactive content, and photography.

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    Cadpac offers the customer a full 3D product design service, right through from concept to final design for manufacture.

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    Pixeldust Studios

    Pixeldust Studios is an Emmy Award -winning digital animation studio with the technical, creative and production capabilities to create innovative animation and broadcast design. Pixeldust's objective is to combine proprietary techniques and world-class creative talent to develop animation and design that appeal to audiences of all ages.

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    Evolve is a passionate, ambitious 3D design company that helps brands come alive. Whether you want to add pizazz to your workplace, make a big impact at an exhibition or transform a workaday store into shopping heaven, we'll give you individual service and a refreshing dose of inspiration.

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    CtrlArt is a production and animation studio, providing high-quality VFX, 3D animation, post-production and related services.

  15. Motionblur


    Motionblur is an independent animation studio located in Budapest, specialised in producing 2D/3D animated content for broadcast.

  16. Fluctus


    We design products for the mass market, starting from concept design, including app-design for remote controllers of the products.

  17. Tactic


    Tactic is an immersive creative and production studio situated at the convergence of design and technology. Its team of engineers and designers specialize in experiences and products centered around new digital formats: virtual reality, augmented reality, gesture tech, mobile apps, and real-time 3D experiences made with game engines.

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    Estilo-3D is a 3D CGI production company based in Buenos Aires. In three years of operation the company has made over 100 print advertising campaigns for major agencies in Argentina and America. Estilo-3D specialises in 3D design and production for objects, products, locations, cars, and characters, as well as postproduction techniques for advertising, photography, animation and interactive industries.

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    Visuals 3D

    Visuals 3D is a small specialist company who have been providing 3D graphics for design agencies, architects, marketing companies and our own end clients since 1996.

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    Archiform 3D

    Archiform 3D is what people consider a world leader in complete 3D rendered virtual reality presentations for architectural design and new property projects. Since 1990 we have blended 3D, video, special effects, DVD and the internet to create not just a rendering or a simple flythrough but complete, inspirational sales tools.

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    Dream Studio Design

    Dream Studio Design & Development is an award-winning multi-disciplinary design company that masterminds professional high-level formulas that solve clients' marketing / advertising needs.

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    Professional quality architectural 3d renderings, visualization, animations and walkthroughs.

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    StudioDIM associati provides full 3D rendering and animation services, specialized in photo-realistic architectural renderings, three-dimensional computer simulation and three-dimensional modelling.

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    RandomBlowup, Sydney based animation company specialising in 3D animation design, graphic design, web design and multimedia design.