3D Design Studios

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    Magoo 3D Studios

    Magoo 3d Studios is a 3d production house, situated in Sweden, working globally. We offer a complete production service with inhouse artists. We currently employ 25 people.

  2. Pivot Produktdesign

    Pivot Produktdesign

    Pivot is an award winning multi-disciplinary design practice. Our team has background in product design, engineering and architecture. We are just as comfortable working with mass produced products as with custom solutions in architecture. A human centered approach is common to all our work.

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    Transparent House

    Specializing in the creation of stunning 3D assets, branded environments and high-end retail developments, Transparent House employs strategic digital innovation and 3D for high-profile, future-looking brands.

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    Aversis is a one man design agency, specialised in 3D visualisations and customized websites, both for on- or offline purposes. Browse through this online portfolio to view a selection of projects recently realised by Aversis.

  5. N&R Foldings

    N&R Foldings

    N&R Foldings is a London/Tokyo based Design studio founded by Rodrigo Solorzano and Naoki Kawamoto. With a particular interest in digital generation and digital fabrication N&R' s work draws inspiration from Origami and its functional capabilities.

  6. Studio Clockwork

    Studio Clockwork

    Studio ClockWork is a cutting edge digital design company. We specialise in 3D modelling, 3D rendering and animation for communication, marketing and prototyping.

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    Make is a visual effects and animation studio. Providing design, edit, visual effects, animation and motion graphics services for commercial purposes.

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    Luxigon is an architectural visualization studio based in Paris.

  9. Hayes Davidson

    Hayes Davidson

    Hayes Davidson specialises in the visualisation of architecture and the built environment, collaborating with many of the world's top architects, designers and developers. Working on projects located around the world, the studio has produced over 20,000 'virtual' or 'CGI' images since it was founded in 1989.

  10. Steelblue


    Steelblue is a creative agency dedicated to documenting the next generation of great places. We specialize in strategic visual marketing for these premier development projects, combining brand, imagery, motion and interaction to create the most compelling narratives possible.

  11. Swiss Progres

    Swiss Progres

    Swiss Progress was founded in by designers and CG artists with a passion for visualizing ideas.

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    Konarch CGI

    Konarch CGI is a 3D visualisation and animation studio in Dublin, Ireland and London, UK. Specialising in servicing the construction product, architectural and historical conservation sectors.

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    Freiraum FX

    Founded in 2008, Freiraum FX is a German 3D & VFX studio based in Hamburg, creating unique visual work for commercials, corporate media, documentary and print.

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    Spacecutter is a multidisciplinary, high-end design consultancy interested in the creation of thoughtful, idea-driven artifacts, large & small. The work ranges from 2-dimensional print, concept design & industrial design, to highly figured art objects & spaces.

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    Chromatic Studios

    Chromatic is a design and animation studio based in Los Angeles, CA. While Chromatic studios is firmly rooted in graphic design, we also facilitate and execute special effects for broadcast and entertainment projects. In these areas of expertise, Chromatic is able to provide everything from conceptualization to production to post production.

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    Cod Steaks

    Cod Steaks has set a world-class standard of design and craftsmanship. Our cutting-edge workshop is equipped for any challenge from the intricate to the colossal.

  17. Light Origin

    Light Origin

    Light Origin is a CGI company specializing in advanced graphics, high quality 3D visualizations of products, concepts, designs and architecture, as well as animations, including educational, instructional and promotional ones. It has 10 years of experience working with clients from over dozen countries, representing a variety of industries, from architecture and interior design, through furniture, to construction chemicals.

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    Lair is a production company that creatively combines live action, design, 3D and animation for TV commercials and broadcast design.


    New York, NY, United States
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    Heartwood Studios

    Heartwood Studios, a leading 3D Animation & Visual Effects Studio, provides digital storytelling through visual extravaganza.

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    The Bond

    The Bond is VFX/CG studio established in Barcelona founded by Joan Amer, Alex Maldonado & Cesc Bienzobas after their 20 years experience working as animators/creatives & VFX supervisors.

  21. Ottermatics


    Ottermatics is a small Florida based design firm that takes a human-centered, lean-design approach to helping organizations succeed. We envision new companies and brands, and we design the products and experiences that bring them to life.

  22. Bazillion Pictures

    Bazillion Pictures

    Bazillion is an award-winning creative studio with a driven team of innovative creative directors, producers, animators, CGI artists, visual FX artists, compositors, and finishers that work as a collaborative unit to take each job from concept to fruition. A hybrid company dedicated to the advertising and marketing arena, Bazillion brings almost two-decades of experience to the crafting of high-quality digital media content for a diverse mix of clients throughout the country.

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    Vanderpas is a studio for 3D design, visualization, animation and panoramas for architects, municipalities, designers and private sector clients.

  24. Moko3D


    Moko3D specializes in creating powerful and photorealistic visualizations and animations. Since 1995 we have provided comprehensive 3D solutions for many sectors, including architectural & interior, advertising, product, medical and more. We are experienced in creating digital content that clearly reflects and communicates each clients' individual objectives, philosophies and culture.

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    Oddlyeven is a design studio specializing in high quality 3d renderings, illustrations and animations.

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    ID3D is a production company, specialized in 3D images and film, for advertising, corporate and real estate products.

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    Studio Peter Van Riet

    Studio Peter Van Riet is a full service design agency. We are your strategic partner for change. Our mission is to design actionable strategies, products & services that actively promote sustainable growth.

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    Aloe Design

    Aloe Design is a boutique animation studio near Washington DC. We love to create high-quality 3D animation and motion graphics for entertainment, corporate, and government needs.

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    Creation Studio

    Specilist stunning 3D design and animation services for architectural visuals and walkthroughs, product design, furniture design, corporate presentation, TV, Film. With in house broadcast editing, voice over recording, sound design, DVD authoring plus much much more.

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    Palindrom offers services in 2D/3D Design, Webdesign, Webhosting, Film, Postproduction, 3D Animation/Games and Multimediapresentations.