3D Designers

  1. Hashmukh Kerai

    Hashmukh Kerai

    Hashmukh Kerai is a UK-based motion designer and 3D illustrator working as a freelancer in east London. He originally started up his creative career in Film and Production, but then followed up with his love for VFX.

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    Jordi Pages

    Jordi Pages is a creative director and 3D motion designer based in London currently available for freelance contracts, on site or remote.

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    Tom Dent

    Previously working at Wilma Studio Cambridge as a 3D Generalist, creating high end photorealistic imagery and animation for various car manufacturers including Bentley, Maserati, Jaguar, Land Rover, MG, Audi and many other products and brands.

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    Piotr Hojda

    Piotr Hojda is a young polish designer. He believes in design that is simple, innovative and honest. He designs products, brands and the rest.

  5. Daniel Widrig

    Daniel Widrig

    Daniel Widrig is an art director and architect, who creates wearable sculptures based on a 3D scan of the body.

  6. Scientific Animations

    Scientific Animations

    Scientific Animations, a medical animation company based in USA and India provides high quality 3D medical animatics and illustration services for training and presentations.

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    Philip Brownlow

    An illustrator and visualiser based in Wolverhampton, UK. I produce visualisations for exhibition design, architectural, and interior design.

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    Frank Person

    Frank Person designs every day items such as tables, chairs, kitchen items, accessories for home and garden and outdoor furniture. His designs are often balanced between reduction and emotion.

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    Johny Mrazko

    3D enthusiast based in Bratislava, Slovakia aiming to create photorealistic imagery of non existing architectural exteriors & interiors, and products of advertisement.

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    Joel Stutz

    Joel Stutz, based in Ticino, Switzerland, creates product visualizations, architecture renderings, CGI film special effects, cartoon animations and interactive 3D website games.

  11. Arian Brekveld

    Arian Brekveld

    Since 1998, Brekveld has been working independently from his studio in Rotterdam, where he designs his own products as well as works on assignments.

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    Mayte C. Goni

    Mayte CG works as freelance graphic designer. She offers a wide range of services such as illustration, graphic design, 3D, motion graphics, video edition and animation.

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    Phil Bartoszewicz

    Phil Bartoszewicz is a New York Area based 3D artist specializing in product and environment visualization with 7 years of professional experience.

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    Joseph Holder

    Joseph Holder designs interior and exterior spaces and products to develop innovative and creative design solutions. He transforms dysfunctional spaces and objects by combining a practical relationship to design with honest materials to reflect on the users needs today and in the future.

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    Tristan Schultz

    Creative and compelling design relative to the context. Working with equal engaged enthusiasm in product design, graphic design, illustration and project management.

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    Jonathan Winbush

    Jonathan Winbush is a designer and animator located in the Los Angeles area. Jonathan has worked in the areas of theatrical, broadcast, and interactive media.

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    Sevens Heaven

    Sevens Heaven offers clearness, in the shape of visual design, illustrations, logo designs, animations, character concepts, webdesign, icons and other graphics.