3D Design Services in Australia

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    Base 3D

    Base 3D is an award winning architectural visualization studio with offices in Sydney and Melbourne. Working specifically in the property industry, BASE 3D with over 45 qualified staff can start any project on any scale immediately.

  2. Polygenic


    Polygenic is a fabrication studio offering in-house model making services as well as 3D modeling, 3D printing, CNC milling, laser cutting and other fabrication services. We specialize in OC and DA physical and digital models, competition, presentation and conceptual models.

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    3D House

    Architectural visualization service for the construction, development and real estate industries.

  4. BHQ Design

    BHQ Design

    BHQ Design is a creative agency specializing in 3D photo realistic rendering for architects, builders and developers.

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    Machin Designs

    Machin Designs delivers commercial design projects that look good, work well, and feel right.

  6. Digicraft 3D

    Digicraft 3D

    Digicraft 3D is comprised of a team of highly knowledgeable and professional designers who can bring your vision to life with passion and enthusiasm.

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    Delienate is your digital design specialist. With extensive experience we offer 3D modelling, visualisation, machined ABS prototyping & CAD (UG & CATIA).

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    3D Habitat

    3D Habitat provides a unique glimpse of your new home or built environment through the use of 3D virtual reality.

  9. Ingot Digital

    Ingot Digital

    Ingot Digital is a 3D studio based in Sydney. We provide services for both property marketing and general 3d visualization.

  10. Tracey Creative Services

    Tracey Creative Services

    Tracey Creative Services is a 3D graphic and multimedia company based in Sydney creating realistic 3D visual fly-throughs and images that are used to convey the reality of future projects whether through animations or still images.

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    Hyperfocal Design

    Dedicated to producing high resolution, aesthetically attractive sky textures and HDRI products for computer graphics professionals. Products include sky textures, night sky textures, HDRI skies, and HDRI maps.

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    Envision 3D

    Envision 3D is an innovative and cost-effective solution to your 3D architectural rendering and animation needs for new property development.