3D Design Services in the United States

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    Kilograph is a multidisciplinary visualization studio, with knowledge of the architectural design process coupled with experience in feature film visualization, animation and visual effects.

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    Spine3D is an award-winning computer graphics studio offering professional 3d modeling, rendering, & animation production services for architects & real estate developers.

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    Tangram 3DS

    Tangram 3DS LLC, located in Kittery, Maine and Vienna, Austria, is an internationally recognized computer graphics and 3d visualization and animation company that specializes in providing its clients with customized multimedia solutions to their design visualization, presentation and marketing needs. The company's services include 3D modeling, visualizations, animations, video editing and photo montages for multimedia presentations in the fields of architecture, interior design, engineering, yacht and boat design, industrial and product design as well as furniture and millwork design.

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    Industrial 3D has over a decade of experience in the oil and gas field, but have provided remarkable & skilled 3D animations and services for many companies.

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    Mertz Design

    At Mertz Design, we render ideas to life. Whether it is product design development or telling your story through engaging visuals & animation, we offer a wide variety of talents to carry your project from concept to completion.

  6. Cromo3D


    From NY, Guido Garfunkel, producer at Cromo3D, provides high quality visuals for your projects, either images or in motion. With works published in high-end magazines, Cromo3D is a full service boutique agency, with clients in retail, residential, commercial and the private sector, working directly with the architect or designer, marketing directors or end users.

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    Architectural Models

    Company produces award-winning architectural & topographical scale models with an excellent quality for national & internationational architects, real estate developers & the film industry.

  8. Studio2a


    Studio2a offers award-winning 3D rendering and animation since 1998.

  9. FUSE


    FUSE is an award-winning 3D design studio. Our talented artists create precise, photorealistic images and animations that deliver incredible results. The stunning work we produce is used around the world for websites, commercials, print, tradeshows, and social media.

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    LNG Studios

    LNG Studios is an award winning 3D rendering and architectural animation company with global reach and inspiration.

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    Visualhouse is an award winning 3D architectural visualisation company with 5 locations worldwide.

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    ComRender is a 3D rendering and animation company, with a goal to help customers create professional presentations.

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    Intuition specializes in the integration of computer software into the design process. Intuition can help your firm use and implement the right tool for the job including photorealistic renderings, presentations, draft angle analysis, G2 surface analysis, and rapid prototypes.

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    BotzDigital is an architectural illustration studio creating photo realistic, accurate and dynamic images of the unbuilt environment. The studio aims to provide a high quality visualisation service for architects, designers, and developers; generating unique images for marketing, resource consent, or design development.

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    3dmx is a full-service digital art studio based in Silicon Valley. For over seven years, 3dmx has been creating extraordinary 3D animation, visual effects, visualizations, live action and video games for the technology and entertainment industries.

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    Gone Virtual Studios

    The GVS mission is to provide cost-effective design visualization solutions for our clients without sacrificing our desire to produce the highest fidelity imagery to clients using cutting edge software and innovative thinking.

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    TRG Studios

    TRG Studios is Northeast Ohio's largest commercial photography studio. Since 2004 we have specialized in CGI Photography, the process of producing photographic images from CAD files. We can produce photo real images of virtually any product, merge them with lifestyle or still life images, produce animation or QuickTime VR from photo rendering.

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    Beatmap is a design-centric animation and production studio, dedicated to creating innovative visual approaches to communicate client ideas. In the last few years, we have worked with advertising, engineering, architecture and healthcare industry clients to develop interactive applications, 3D/2D animations and web design.

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    LunarStudio provides photo-realistic 3D architectural renderings and award-winning animations.

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    Jeff Brink

    An architectural visualization service for architects, home builders, real estate developers and interior designers needing custom illustrations to promote projects and sales.

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    Ryan W. Knope

    Ryan W. Knope 3D Visualization serves as a architectural - interiors rendering and design shop. From 2D to 3D, from product design and modeling to Arch Viz.

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    Battery Studio

    Battery Studio is an office devoted to meeting the design and visualization needs of the product design, graphic design, interactive media, and motion graphics industries.

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    3DMedia Network

    3DMedia Network specializes in the creation of 3D environments using the latest 3D tools and cutting edge technology as well as web development.

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    LaDriere provides product visualization, motion graphics, 3D Animation, and retouching services for advertising.

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    InContext Solutions

    InContext Solutions helps companies visualize and breakdown what their product will look like on the shelves in a 3D environment so they can help make sure it will stand out against the competition.

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    Remnant Studios

    Remnant Studios is a forward leading digital visual effects and production company, producing digital effects for corporate, film, network television, Internet, and mobile devices.

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    GA Estudio

    Animation studio working on 3D architectural renderings while offering solutions in property development. Also provides plan illustrations and video production.

  28. The Monument

    The Monument

    The Monument offers creative illustrations, renderings, photography, and branding for real estate.