Media Relations Agencies

  1. TRUST


    TRUST is a Marketing and PR company specializing in partnerships with ad agencies, tech companies, content creation studios and other small to mid-sized brands.

  2. Decorum Media

    Decorum Media

    Decorum is a full-service communications agency with international reach, specialising in design and luxury interiors. We are based on London's South Bank, and are proud to work with proven partners in Europe, the Middle East and North America.

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    Pilot PMR

    Pilot PMR is a creative and public relations agency based in Toronto, Canada. We specialize in public relations, branding, corporate identity, branded documentary and user experience design.

  4. Anna Rosa Thomae

    Anna Rosa Thomae

    ART is a communication and brand consultancy for art, design, and architecture. Founded in 2014 and based in Berlin, with an international network of media contacts and creatives, the agency operates on a multinational scale, offering its services to emerging and established clients worldwide.

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    Blue Medium

    Blue Medium provides communications strategy and services for clients in the visual arts, design and architecture communities. From short-term public relations projects to full-service, long-term marketing communications strategy and implementation, Blue Medium provides a range of services to ensure the most effective positioning, reach and results.

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    PR services in the field of architecture and design offered by Volume2 can significantly increase the opportunities for the projects and products to enjoy maximum visibility.

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    Umbrella offers consulting services in public relations, press office and media for design and interior design oriented companies, and develops communications projects for the environment and for significant architectural buildings.

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    1DA is a London-based communications agency that helps brands be more relevant. 1DA is independent and small, hence quick and agile, with the singular goal to make their clients' brands be more famous.

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    Inner Circle Labs

    Inner Circle Labs is a full service PR partner to companies with an entrepreneurial spirit that have an interesting story to tell. We go beyond traditional PR - providing marketing, communications and branding counsel.

  10. Claude Communications

    Claude Communications

    Claude Communications is a leading London-based public relations and marketing firm, dedicated to publicising emerging and established companies within several design-based luxury segment industries.

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    Quantum Public Relations

    Quantum Public Relations is a full service B2B communications agency specialising in corporate, planning and marketing communications. We have an unrivalled reputation and track record of PR, communications and design success in our specialist sectors which include:property and infrastructure; renewable energy; waste, recycling and the circular economy; public sector; and smart cities and sustainability. We work across the UK and with brands and organizations looking to enter the UK market. Our best work is always the result of the excellent partnerships that we build with our clients.

  12. Claire Curtice

    Claire Curtice

    We are publicists to the creative industries. Our clients are inspirational figures in the fields of architecture, engineering, graphics, product and textile design. What unites them is an intelligent approach and an ambition to make exemplary and considered work.

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    Front-end PR

    Front-end PR provides services in strategic design, consultancy, curating, communication and project outreach exclusively for creative industries. The company promotes a symbiotic relationship between its team, its roster of clients and its growing network of institutions, journalists, publishers, curators and buyers to achieving its end of creating and narrating international success stories and promoting sustainable collaborations.

  14. Paxson Fay

    Paxson Fay

    Paxson Fay is a full-service firm catering to companies in the architecture, design and arts industries.

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    Chrysanthemum Partners

    Chrysanthemum Partners (CP) is a full-service, strategic marketing, PR, and brand development firm that specializes in providing innovative solutions for companies in the design, architecture, real estate, luxury and media industries. Tapping into more than 25 years of experience, we proactively communicate with our clients and provide holistic and unique results as no two companies are exactly the same. We are experts in strategic partnerships, business development and engaging with targeted audiences through custom content and experiential programs.

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    Design Agency Co

    Design Agency Co is a boutique consulting firm specializing in strategy, communications, and cultural engagement. We work with clients in the fields of architecture, design, and culture to strengthen and advance their industry standing through strategic marketing, media relations, organizational development, and cultural engagement initiatives.

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    The Craft Agency

    The Craft Agency is a full-service integrated marketing communications advertising agency offering strategic planning, direct marketing, advertising and public relations.

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    Period Media

    Period Media is a full-service public relations and creative agency operating at the intersection of the worlds of fashion, entertainment, design, hospitality and luxury lifestyle.

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    PAVE specializes in strategic communications and consulting for the creative disciplines, including the visual and performing arts, design, architecture, humanities, and film. The agency is distinguished by its direct and multi-layered approach to public relations campaigns, that draw upon the vast number of platforms now available to clients to communicate their brand messages and diverse activities.

  20. NES Creative

    NES Creative

    NES is the communications agency for the leading edge in design, style & culture. We take a creative approach to classic strategy across all channels of communication.