Animation Companies

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    TEG: The Ebeling Group

    The Ebeling Group (TEG) is an international production company with offices in Los Angeles, New York, Sao Paulo and Tokyo. The TEG roster includes world-renowned designers and directors MK12, Nakd, Lobo, LBA, Caviar, Convert and Caskey. These companies have been awarded with distinctions from The Art Director's Club, BDA, The Clios and The One Show among others.

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    Formed in 1985 by Richard Chataway and Michael Cusack, Anifex is one of Australia's leading animation companies. From its office and studio in the inner suburbs of Adelaide the company has long maintained a reputation for producing some of the world's finest commercial animation.

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    Bluna is a Buenos Aires based motion design studio that loves to use high end 3D animation, illustration, design, stop motion, hand crafted elements, live action and many mixed media art styles to produce innovative and diverse work for advertising, broadcast and film and entertainment industries.

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    Aenima is an independent audiovisual production company based in Sydney, Australia and in Rome, Italy.

  5. Exodo


    Exodo is a full-service 3D animation and art studio specializing in high-end character development and animation, as well as promotional cinematics for the gaming industry.

  6. Kalakala Animation

    Kalakala Animation

    Kalakala is a full-service animation studio dedicated to the craft of fine storytelling. We believe in making beautiful, compelling work that stays with you.

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    Shadowmachine is a collective of award-winning artists, designers, writers, directors and producers and serves as a platform to launch great stories. It is an environment of collaboration, inspiration and artistry with a culture of hard-work and efficiency. With a wide spectrum of projects in development and production, including live-action, 2D animation, stop-motion, comedy, adventure and drama, Shadowmachine is defined by its passion for storytelling.

  8. Afterglow Studios

    Afterglow Studios

    Afteglow Studios is a animation and design studio. We specialize in creating animation content by working with clients to create the most compelling visuals for their product.

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    Planet Jump Productions

    Innovative BAFTA nominated London-based animation production company specialising in title sequences, commercials and promo work for TV, film and corporate clients. Clients include BBC and Sony Pictures.

  10. La Di Da Films

    La Di Da Films

    A boutique production company in Los Angeles specializing in stop-motion animation commercials and branded content.

  11. SAVIAN


    SAVIAN is a design and animation studio based in Edmonton, Alberta. We value visual storytelling through thoughtful animation. We have worked with high-profile clients such as Ford, Aon, and the University of Alberta, but also work with advertising agencies and small businesses alike.

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    MOO Studios

    MOO Studios is a LA-based production studio specializing in both animation and live action commercials. The animation department of MOO Studios, creates both comedic and dramatic animated commercials for TV and web. The studio is a collective of permanent and semi-permanent animation artists based around the core talents of Shaun Sewter and Adam Byrd. Animation styles include: stop motion, traditional drawn and paint, multi media, cut out, Flash and CGI.

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    Credo Interactive

    Based in Vancouver, Credo is a leader in creating innovative content, products, solutions and choreography for 3D character animation applications.

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    CA Square

    Located in New York City's SoHo neighborhood, CA Square is a design and animation company that focuses on creating compelling and entertaining media experiences. CA Square provides strategic, creative and design solutions to some of the world's most successful media and entertainment companies including Disney, Fox, VH1, IFC, Reuters, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, TV Catalunya and Telemundo.

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    Passion Pictures

    Passion is a multiple Oscar winning independent production company with bases in London, Paris, New York. We create every form of animation and live action imaginable across an unlimited range of media and represent over 40 directors.

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    Tiara Motion

    Tiara Motion is Florida based company which creates 2D as well as 3D animation for television commercials and television shows. We have a highly creative team which uses state of the art technology to produce animated videos that are world class.

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    Heid Design

    Heid Design is an animation design company based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our client list covers a range of both broadcast and corporate clients throughout the nation.

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    Two Animators

    Two Animators is a professional animation and multimedia company that specializes in creating Traditional and Flash animation for broadcast on television and the Internet.

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    Thatzit Productions designs, develops and integrates ideas into audio visual form.

  20. Pixelburn


    Motion graphics studio specializing in animation and special effects for broadcast television, film and other mediums.

  21. 5am Studios

    5am Studios

    We bring ideas to life through concept creation, stop-motion, digital 2D-3D animation and post-production. Equipped with a fully fledged studio, we are able to design, animate, direct, produce and post-produce everything in-house, allowing for optimal flexibility, creativity and delivery time.

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    King Bee Animation

    King Bee animation's services start from concept & stylistic art direction to the full TV animation production with final audio mix. Our clients include Allergan, Zurich Financial Services, Hewlett Packard, Disney, British Telecom, Specsavers & more.

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    Calabash Animation

    Led by Creative Director Wayne Brejcha and Executive Producer Sean Henry, Calabash Animation, Inc. is the Chicago, IL-based animation production studio, known for its award-winning cel, 3D and stop-motion animation for the advertising and entertainment industries.

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    LAIKA is owned by Phil Knight, co-founder and Chairman of Nike. The company was rebranded as LAIKA in the summer of 2005, when it absorbed Vinton Studios, an animation leader and innovator for more than 30 years.

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    D7 Studios

    D7 Studios is an original content studio currently developing TV and feature projects from screenplay to tight concepts for future development.