Animation Education

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    CalArts - School of Film/Video

    The nation's first art institute to offer BFAs and MFAs in both the visual and performing arts, CalArts is dedicated to training and nurturing the next generation of professional artists, fostering brilliance and innovation within the broadest context possible.

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    Texas A&M Department of Visualization

    The Masters of Science in Visualization Sciences is designed to prepare students for a range of long-term careers in visualization. The program helps students develop the focused expertise and broad foundation knowledge needed in this rapidly developing field.

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    The Animation Academy

    Founded in 1998 and located in Burbank, California, the international capital of the industry. The school specializes in training artists for careers in traditional character animation.

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    Max the Mutt

    Max the Mutt Animation School is a classical and computer animation school in the heart of downtown Toronto, Canada. Max the Mutt has an expert faculty of Classical Animators and Fine artists and offers a unique curriculum for a career in the Animation field.