Animation Services

  1. Adrian and Company

    Adrian & Company

    Adrian & Company is a design and animation studio with a passion for the industry. We combine our practical approach with solid technical know-how and creativity.

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    Creative Studio

    Creative Studio is a Dubai based studio that creates motion graphics for the top cable and network television productions.

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    Illuminati Media

    Illuminati Media is one of the top animation studios in India, with cutting edge technology and full of innovative ideas. We create world class ideas by brains, pencils, papers, cameras and computers which are major tools.

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    Camou Studio

    Camou Studio brings ideas to life, not just literally but realistically. Our expertise in animation is extensive and we are constantly pushing the boundaries.

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    Attic Films

    Established in 2006, Attic Films was born out of the desire to produce quality visual content for its clients. A team that specializes in architecture and real estate, they tailor the contents specifically for each project. The team is a diverse mix of talented individuals, each being a specialist in their own craft, where they provide their expertise at every step of the creative process. From wild concepts, snazzy motion graphics, complex video and audio editing or even big video productions, they are constantly aiming to push the boundaries of the work done.

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    At Explainers, we create amazing explainer videos that help promote your business, product or service.

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    Framework Media

    Framework Media is a full service technical animation production company, specializing in animated product videos, forensic animation, and explainer videos.

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    Mimic Productions

    Mimic Productions is a Berlin based studio specializing in digital faces, digital doubles, motion capture, scanning and other 3D services. Mimic's innovative and creative team of artists are here to bring your most ambitious and adventurous projects to a digital reality.

  9. blank creates animated explainer videos for high-tech nerdy companies.

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    RealSpace provides 3D animations for any project, with optional music, scriptwriting, and narration.

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    Atum Studio

    At Atum Studio, we are creators making the best and most intriguing 2D and 3D animated, marketing and promotional videos to help your business get ahead in the marketplace.

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    IDA Pictures

    IDA Pictures is a creative CGI Studio based in Istanbul. We offer a full spectrum of visual effects services.

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    Picture Front

    Picture Front offers film services, namely CG animation and visual concepts, since 1999 in Hamburg and Munich. We help to replace the traditional ways of filmmaking with the new creative freedom in digital media productions.

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    WorleyWorks is a tight collection of 3D specialists who create seamless motion capture animation in Brooklyn, NY.

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    MoreFrames animation offers a complete range of animation solutions - from concept through creation. MoreFrames specializes in a unique blend of traditional 2D animation and cutting edge CGI techniques.

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    Light Fish

    Light Fish is a multidisciplinary International design team based in South India. We offer high quality product design and animation services along with our own lighting design and technology.

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    Yarn is a Berlin based agency providing web video, video banners, how-to, video advertising for tablets, smartphones and websites.

  18. Studio19 Records

    Studio19 Records

    Studio19 Records is a state-of-the-art recording and mixing studio employing the best analog and digital equipment.

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    Animation Libation Studios

    Animation Libation Studios is a cloud-based, global animation studio created to make it possible for newly emerging artists to work hand-in-hand with seasoned industry professionals from around the world. As the gateway between higher education and the industry, we work with the brightest, most innovative international artists and professionals to create original content for Film, Television, and the Web.

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    PhaseSpace optical motion capture systems. First affordable, high resolution, real-time optical motion capture systems for engineering, entertainment and motion analysis applications.

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    The July Group

    The July Group is a commercial art agency representing a select group of international illustrators, animators, and designers.