Animation Studios

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    Shotshotshot is a design studio for video and animation, founded in 2006, located in Graz in the very south of Austria.

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    Eskimo is a small design driven creative outfit specializing in motion graphics and animation.

  3. Sloop


    Animation studio based in Buenos Aires specialized in commercial spots and explainer videos with a focus in people, emotions, and storytelling.

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    This & That Visuals

    Based in NYC This & That Visuals creates visually engaging video content that has been viewed and enjoyed by millions of people all around the world. From corporate B2B communication pieces to offbeat viral marketing campaigns they work closely with their clients to identify the right solution for their needs.

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    HiFi 3D

    HiFi 3D is a visual effects/animation company founded by Jonathan Dorfman and Szymon Weglarski. We provide high-end production services, concept, VFX supervision, directing and everything inbetween. Our clients benefit from our obsessive eye for detail, our personal approach and the incredibly talented artists we have assembled.

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    Happy Trails Animation

    Award-winning studio featuring transmedia storytelling via 2D and 3D animation. Creators of original national ad campaigns; digital media; engaging motion comics and infographics.

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    Neko Productions

    Neko Productions offers a full range of animation services. We take your idea from concept to finished product. If you are looking for animation for your website, for product promotion, or to produce an animated series, we will work with you to create an incredible final product. Our experience also includes collaboration on full length Hollywood movies.

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    Mummu is an award-winning and independent studio creating outstanding animated, filmed, and illustrated content.

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    The Brigade

    The Brigade creates visual imagery that excites and inspires. Specializing in visual effects and animation, Brigade delivers creative advertising and technical direction to a broad range of commercial, broadcast, and feature film projects.

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    Our animation studio is based in London, United Kingdom and we produce high impact animated web videos for clients based around the world.

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    EMMAR is a motion design studio focused on providing concept and design services for time-based media. We create custom start-to-finish motion design products. Our services enhance a variety of applications and channels, such as commercials, rich media for websites, broadcast design, event visuals, logo endings and corporate communications tools. We transform a message into a highly engaging visual experience, delivered on time and within budget.

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    Nucco Brain

    Nucco Brain is a visual storytelling studio that shapes brands and creates inspiring videos through powerful narratives and elegant design. Earned from our agency experience, we execute a spectrum of services that includes: animation, design, branding and visual ID.

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    Machine Studio

    Machine is a motion design studio dedicated to outstanding formal as well as conceptual design.

  14. Jon Baugh

    Jon Baugh

    Jon Baugh is a small but flexible 3D animation studio that provides 3D services for a range of different industries. Predominantly we work with branding agencies providing 3D animated & illustrative content for web and print. Our experience covers the science, industrial and design industries, developing 3D content to help companies promote, communicate and sell their products or services.

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    Design and animation for show openings, promos, commercials, web and other media.

  16. ideaMACHINE Studio

    ideaMACHINE Studio

    ideaMACHINE Studio is a Brooklyn based creative team making animation for TV, web, social, live events, sales, HR, product launches, rebrands, or announcements, any messages big or small.

  17. Dream Farm

    Dream Farm

    Dream Farm is a creative animation studio that creates animation and game art for the broadcast and the web with a strong focus on well-designed characters. We work for advertising agencies, independent production companies and directly with brands throughout the world.

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    2Tall Animation

    An award-winning creative studio that specializes in custom built 2D animations that teach, promote brands, and make the world a smarter, more interesting place.

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    A state-of-the-art studio located in Frankfurt, Germany and renowned for creating art, face animation, motion capture, cut-scenes, trailers and fully finished cinematics delivered in-engine. To capture performance, we have a 23×46 ft mocap studio with 48 Vicon cameras, ImageMetrics' Faceware and head-mounted cameras which can record dialog while capturing expressions and lip movements. We use Vicon Blade and Motionbuilder to create and edit the mocap-based animations.

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    Hurricane Media

    Hurricane Media is a Bristol based 3D and motion graphics production company. Delivering 3D animation, motion graphics, stereoscopic and Low-Poly 3D for a diverse selection of creative agencies and corporate clients.

  21. WeeDesign


    WeeDesign is an innovative and creative motion design studio, specialised in 2D/3D motion graphics and graphic design, based in Paris. We offer all types of motion design services: 2D & 3D animation, explanatory videos, promo videos, logo animation, VFX and more. In addition, we propose a wide range of graphic design services: logo, brand identity, illustrations. With love, passion, and gratitude, our mission is to combine all our skills and knowledges in order to provide high quality, professional and complete creative services.

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    Dunedin Arts

    Enterprising digital design and animation studio, specializing in corporate and commercial design solutions.

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    Yudle Animation

    Yudle Animation are a compact but talented animation production studio specialising in 2D animation and motion graphics. We combine great storytelling and compelling content with creative ideas and amazing visuals aimed at simplifying messages, promoting big ideas and telling stories.

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    Cub Studio

    Cub is an animation and motion graphic design agency based in London. Born from motion graphic freelancers their care and attention to clients needs remains as does their ability to produce exceptional work without compromise - rare qualities in many motion graphic studios.

  25. Salamandra


    Salamandra is a visual content agency that works with FTSE 100 companies, startups, advertising, and PR agencies alike. Salamandra creates tailored animated content and full design and branding service.

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    Painting Pixels

    Painting Pixels is a fully integrated multimedia design studio. With a large and diverse skill base, we are capable of producing any manner of multimedia design projects involving 2D graphics, 3D animation, augmented reality, bespoke website design and multiplatform mobile phone applications. So if you're looking to shout about your products, processes or services then we can help.

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    2Reveal provides 3D visualization solutions to help communicate a design, concept, or message. We accomplish this by transforming the tedious and complex into images that are interesting and understandable.