Animation Studios in the United States

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    In their effects and design studio, located in the heart of Manhattan's Flatiron District, Rob Appelblatt and Tim Crean have created a work environment that reflects their personal style and creative sensibilities, a key element of which is never limiting themselves to traditional solutions or boundaries when they're looking for a creative solution. The studio currently houses two high definition Discreet Flame suites along with an array of Mac and PC -based 2D and 3D software solutions.

  2. Aardman Nathan Love

    Aardman Nathan Love

    Aardman Nathan Love creates original animated entertainment, based on strong characters in compelling stories, for the viewing public's enjoyment. With a value system built on creative integrity, independence, open collaboration, excellence and humor, Aardman Nathan Love has created notable work for brands including Kellogg's, Perdue, Movantik and UPS.

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    Bent Image Lab

    Bent Image Lab is a Portland Oregon-based production company and creative laboratory, known for melding art, design and storytelling. It is a place where the brightest ideas are driven with an artist's passion and realized through the use of cutting edge technology.

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    Charlex is a full-service creative studio based in New York City. We specialize in visual effects, animation, design and live-action.

  5. So! Animation

    So! Animation

    Cutting edge character animation, story and series development, design for film, TV, and other media.

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    Dancing Diablo

    Dancing Diablo is a one-stop creative studio with no boundaries. Dedicated to crafting captivating and visually compelling storytelling for the advertising and broadcast arenas with its signature animation, stop-motion, and visual effects and production aesthetic, while its production and postproduction divisions allow it to take its creative vision from concept through completion.

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    Leftchannel is a pioneering motion graphics & animation studio with a focus on creating innovative, brand-centric work across platforms. We are a group of artists who think in motion shaping big ideas to make them shine.

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    PandaPanther is a New York-based animation studio headed up by directors Jonathan Garin and Naomi Nishimura. PandaPanther possesses a uniquely tuned talent for combining high-end 3D animation with illustration, design, stop motion and live action. From concept to execution the broad use of various techniques and mediums helps to motivate and evolve every new inspiration into something fun and magical.

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    Nestled in the heart of Brooklyn, Charged Studios is a full service production facility catering to clients ranging from Madison Avenue Advertising to Local Artists. While the studio specializes in all forms of animation: stop motion, CG, traditional and mixed media, it's also a complete live action production resource.

  10. Brazen Animation

    Brazen Animation

    Brazen Animation is an audacious gathering of artists, animators, scientists, writers, designers, producers, and marketers. In 2013, industry veterans from places such as Disney, FOX/Blue Sky, Sony, Reel FX, and Green Grass came together to form Brazen Animation. This extraordinary team is led by Bryan Engram and Ryan Iltis.

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    Scout is a design, animation and production studio led by Creative Directors Chace Hartman and Brian Drucker. Its core team of illustrators, designers, animators and artists delivers an inspired approach to crafting unique, design-driven visual solutions across all platforms.

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    Studio Nos

    Studio Nos is a Brooklyn based animation studio specializing in stop-motion and handcrafted animation and design.

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    Poolsidesign is a design and animation studio based in New York City. We come from art, animation, film, and graphic design backgrounds. This means fresh, unexpected creative inspired by a diversity of influences.

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    Elevation is a full service motion graphic design company located in Atlanta, GA and New York, NY.

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    Nice Factory

    Nice Factory is an award-winning studio, specializing in design-driven creative services. Founded by Art Director and Illustrator Nikolay Lyutskanov in Brooklyn, New York. With over 12 years of experience, Nice Factory combines animation, design, live action footage and hand drawn illustrations to produce original content for television, film, digital and print platforms. Our Dumbo based studio aims at providing authentic and stylish creative work, from the initial concept to final delivery, while maintaining professional and collaborative partnership with the client.

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    AST Studios

    Founded by artist, designer and technical director Adam Teninbaum, AST Studios specializes in creating photorealistic and stylistic moving images and visual effects through a variety of practices including 3D and stereoscopic animation, compositing and motion graphics.

  17. FEVR


    FEVR is a design-driven studio based in NYC and LA. and specializing in 2D, 3D motion graphics and animation. We are a team of directors, artists, designers and strategic thinkers working closely together. We are passionate about creating colorful and aesthetic design and illustrations that we animate to tell our clients' very special stories.

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    Eskimo is a small design driven creative outfit specializing in motion graphics and animation.

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    This & That Visuals

    Based in NYC This & That Visuals creates visually engaging video content that has been viewed and enjoyed by millions of people all around the world. From corporate B2B communication pieces to offbeat viral marketing campaigns they work closely with their clients to identify the right solution for their needs.

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    Happy Trails Animation

    Award-winning studio featuring transmedia storytelling via 2D and 3D animation. Creators of original national ad campaigns; digital media; engaging motion comics and infographics.

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    HiFi 3D

    HiFi 3D is a visual effects/animation company founded by Jonathan Dorfman and Szymon Weglarski. We provide high-end production services, concept, VFX supervision, directing and everything inbetween. Our clients benefit from our obsessive eye for detail, our personal approach and the incredibly talented artists we have assembled.

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    Neko Productions

    Neko Productions offers a full range of animation services. We take your idea from concept to finished product. If you are looking for animation for your website, for product promotion, or to produce an animated series, we will work with you to create an incredible final product. Our experience also includes collaboration on full length Hollywood movies.

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    The Brigade

    The Brigade creates visual imagery that excites and inspires. Specializing in visual effects and animation, Brigade delivers creative advertising and technical direction to a broad range of commercial, broadcast, and feature film projects.

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    Design and animation for show openings, promos, commercials, web and other media.

  25. ideaMACHINE Studio

    ideaMACHINE Studio

    ideaMACHINE Studio is a Brooklyn based creative team making animation for TV, web, social, live events, sales, HR, product launches, rebrands, or announcements, any messages big or small.

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    2Tall Animation

    An award-winning creative studio that specializes in custom built 2D animations that teach, promote brands, and make the world a smarter, more interesting place.