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  1. Pedro Geraldes

    Pedro Geraldes

    Pedro Geraldes is an Oporto based creative that develops his work as architect at EDP, co-organizer at TEDxPorto and co-founder and partner at Clínica de Arquitectura.

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    Dominique Perrault

    Dominique Perrault is a French architect. He became world known for the design of the French National Library, distinguished with the Mies van der Rohe Prize in 1996.

  3. Mitchell Joachim

    Mitchell Joachim

    Mitchell Joachim, PhD, Assoc. AIA, is the Co-Founder of Terreform ONE and an Associate Professor of Practice at NYU. Formerly, he was an architect at the offices of Frank Gehry and I.M. Pei.

  4. Carlo Colombo

    Carlo Colombo

    Carlo Colombo is an Italian architect and designer who creates projects characterized by high artistic value.

  5. Bradley Edwards

    Bradley Edwards

    Bradley Edwards AIA has been designing major projects in the Northwest Arkansas area since 1994. Prior to establishing Bradley Edwards Architect in 2008, Bradley was a project architect for Architect226, owner and designer of Studio BE, and intern architect for David French Architects and Fay Jones + Maurice Jennings Architects. From 2002 to 2013, Bradley concurrently practiced and taught Architecture Studio classes at the Fay Jones School of Architecture. As a result of his teaching and practice, Bradley's work deftly combines spatial and conceptual ideas with practical knowledge.

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    Sou Fujimoto

    Sou Fujimoto is a Japanese architect, noted for delicate light structures and permeable enclosures.

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    Inaki Echeverria

    Inaki Echeverria is a Mexico City-based architect and landscape urbanist. His eponymous firm, founded in 2008, has been awarded numerous high-profile commissions, both public and private.

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    Dan Brunn

    Dan Brunn utilizes provocative spatial choreography to harmonize light with volume.

  9. Annie Martin

    Annie Martin

    Annie Martin undertakes a wide range of projects including new contemporary dwellings, extensions and conversions, frequently working within the confines of Dartmoor National Park and AONBs.

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    Francois Levy

    Francois Levy is a registered architect, university lecturer and researcher, CAD/BIM consultant and trainer.

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    Bruce Bolander

    Bruce Bolander designs residential and commercial structures, his commercial niche being creative offices including film production and editing facilities.

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    Eric Lloyd Wright

    Eric Lloyd Wright is an architect and founder of Eric Lloyd Wright & Associates Architecture and Planning and the Wright Organic Resource Center in Malibu, California. During Eric Lloyd Wright's early years in architecture, he was an apprentice to his grandfather, Frank Lloyd Wright and his father, Lloyd Wright. His portfolio includes the restoration and renovation of Frank Lloyd Wright and Lloyd Wright works as well as residences and institutional buildings of his own design. Eric Lloyd Wright's current focus is on the evolution of Organic Architecture and Green Building design.

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    Joerg Hanson

    Joerg Hanson, architect, is currently based in Berlin, Germany. He works in the field of architecture, design and urban planning.

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    Anthony Eckelberry

    Anthony Eckelberry is a Los Angeles architect that specializes in high-end restaurants and has designed projects for chef-owners such as Wolfgang Puck, Joachim Splichal and David Myers.

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    Jacek Rzepka

    Jacek Rzepka is an architect living and working in Dublin. His work shows that he is always interested in bringing contemporary architectural ideas, modern aesthetics and new technologies into reality, always considering best environmental interest. He is an architect from Silesia in Poland, and this is where he gained his professional education based on one of the bests in Europe modernistic traditions of Silesian Architecture.

  16. Federico Delrosso

    Federico Delrosso

    With studios in Milan and New York, designer and architect Federico Delrosso developed and worked on several successful projects throughout his career.

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    Rodolphe Parente

    Rodolphe Parente's projects, working on interior design for hotel, private residence, flagship, showroom and also graphic design and pattern, furniture collections and objects.

  18. Friedrich von Borries

    Friedrich von Borries

    Friedrich von Borries, architect and professor of Design Theory at the Hochschule für bildende Künste (HFBK) in Hamburg, Germany, operates between the blurring boundaries of urban planning, architecture, design and art. Focus of his work is the relation of design practice and socio-political development.

  19. Francisco Mangado

    Francisco Mangado

    Born in 1957, Francisco Mangado is one of the most prominent and prolific of his generation of Spanish architects.

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    Conix Architects

    Guided by emotions, inspired by beauty and creativity, supported by experience, sustainability and context, Conix Architects is continuously in motion.

  21. Jaco Booyens

    Jaco Booyens

    Jaco Booyens is a South Africa-based architect, working on remote sites with difficult access & no electricity, and building with clay, earth, and site-specific materials.

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    Enrico Maria Cicchetti

    Enrico Maria Cicchetti is an architect with over twenty years of experience with a portfolio of both local and international clients. He successfully manages the planning and execution of both internal and external projects ranging from interior design and gardens to monument restoration and urban planning.

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    Santiago Calatrava

    Official web site of the Spanish architect and engineer, with offices in Zurich, New York and Valencia.

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    Lewin Wertheimer

    While we are well versed in vernacular architecture, we approach each project with no preconceptions. Instead, every home starts from our clients vision, from which each project takes shape through our architectural expertise. The result is comfortable, functional space, entirely original, which integrates the nuances of tradition.

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    Miguel Carrapa

    Miguel Carrapa is a Portuguese architect based in Porto that has developed several housing projects and exhibitions.