Architecture Awards

  1. Architecture at Zero

    Architecture at Zero

    Architecture at Zero seeks creative and feasible approaches to ZNE building. By encouraging innovative design solutions to site-specific design challenges, the competition aims to broaden thinking about the technical and aesthetic possibilities of zero net energy projects. Further, it seeks to raise the profile of ZNE among built-environment professionals, students, and the general public in California and beyond.

  2. Pritzker Architecture Prize

    Pritzker Architecture Prize

    The purpose of the Pritzker Architecture Prize is to honor annually a living architect whose built work demonstrates a combination of those qualities of talent, vision and commitment, which has produced consistent and significant contributions to humanity and the built environment through the art of architecture.

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    H2U Student Design Competition

    The National Hydrogen Association, the U.S. Department of Energy, and ChevronTexaco are looking for innovative and imaginative designs for Hydrogen Power Parks. Potential participants are teams of graduate and undergraduate students enrolled at a college or university.