Architecture Companies in the United States

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  1. RODE Architects

    RODE Architects

    RODE is a Boston-based team of architects, designers, and urban planners. Founded in 2006 by Principals Kevin Deabler and Eric Robinson, the firm's capabilities span across a wide variety of services including architecture, interiors, urban design, and master planning.

  2. McClean Design

    McClean Design

    McClean Design specializes in the design of contemporary residences and has completed numerous homes along the California Coast in the last twenty years. We are committed to design excellence and are currently working on projects throughout the Western United States and abroad.

  3. Studio BBA

    Studio BBA

    Studio BBA is a dynamic atelier of designers who advocate for architecture that inspires human connection-creating spaces and places from the alchemy of inspiration, site, materials, vision and form. The rich set of conditions, agendas and real-life constraints that come with each project makes this an artful process, as does their belief that symbiosis between circumstance and desire leads to original and compelling design. Studio BBA believes in the transformative power of design - to enhance the context of our daily experiences and create fulfilling, meaningful, beautiful spaces.

  4. Murphy Burnham and Buttrick Architects

    Murphy Burnham & Buttrick Architects

    MBB is a women-owned architecture firm located in New York City and led by Mary Burnham, Jeffrey Murphy and Sara Grant. Founded in 1998, we are an interdisciplinary studio that integrates architecture, interior design, sustainable design and preservation. An award-winning firm that values diversity and collaboration, MBB's practice is characterized by innovative programming, thoughtful design and a focus on natural light and materials.

  5. Belmont Freeman Architects

    Belmont Freeman Architects

    Belmont Freeman Architects is an award-winning design firm that provides architectural services to institutional, commercial, and residential clients. The firm enjoys a reputation for innovative design, highly personalized service, and efficient management of the most complex construction and renovation projects. It has received numerous awards for its work, which has been published widely in the international design press. Founded in 1986 and based in New York City, the firm has built work in North America, Europe and Asia.

  6. Nverse Architects

    Nverse Architects

    Nverse Architects is an architectural design firm in Morganton, NC founded on the principle that design is a collaborative process that should yield inspiring spaces for the people that inhabit them. The process of design requires the duality of diving deep and thinking broadly.

  7. Strang


    Strang is a Florida-based architectural, interior design and landscape design firm respected for advancing the principals of Environmental Modernism in extraordinary locations around the world. Founded by Max Strang in 1998, the firm's distinguished body of work is deeply connected to Florida, yet also includes projects across the Caribbean Sea, Colorado, The Bahamas, The Dominican Republic and the United Arab Emirates.

  8. three


    three is a design boutique with over 35 years of experience in the hospitality, residential and senior-living environments. three has designed such notable projects as The Peninsula in Beverly Hills, Rosewood Mayakoba in the Riviera Maya, and the groundbreaking Hotel Emma in San Antonio.

  9. Byrens Kim Design Works

    Byrens Kim Design Works

    Byrens Kim Design Works is a passionate team of architects and designers based in Oakland, California. We pride ourselves in our ability to respond to the needs of our clients and the larger communities we represent. We strive to deliver value-added solutions that support the sustainable viability of our environment.

  10. Think Architecture

    Think Architecture

    Think Architecture is the result of a merger of equals, three firms whose combined experience represents more than 90 years in the study and practice of interior design, architecture, landscape architecture and land planning. At the helm of this established practice are partners who have built a progressive workplace for creative design and innovative thinking. The success of our architecture firm owes as much to our culture and philosophy as it does to our design capabilities and technical expertise.

  11. Bockus Payne

    Bockus Payne

    Bockus Payne is an experienced team of focused designers, listeners and problem solvers who provide creative solutions from concept through completion. We grow time-honored client relationships built on quality, trust, and the consistent delivery of outstanding architecture.

  12. BAR Architects

    BAR Architects

    Devoted to the success of our clients, BAR Architects' goal is to create meaningful and engaging environments that enhance their context, function well for users and are cost-effective. A 90-person architectural, interior design and planning firm, we approach each project as an opportunity to develop a compelling solution that exceeds our clients' expectations while maintaining the highest standards of design excellence.

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    TowerPinkster is a firm of architects and engineers committed to design integrity, quality, end environmental responsibility.

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    Visible Weather

    Visible Weather, led by Eunjeong Seong and Michael Bell, is a new design firm focused on housing and the analysis of housing needs. We use visualization of data and demographics in relation to policy, geography, and constituency needs as a means to define and launch new initiatives in housing. We bring attention to housing issues in new ways - Visible Weather initiates and run projects that use a wide range of tools to reveal where housing need exists and to then assemble a network and teams that could respond with innovation.

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    O'Brien Atkins

    O'Brien/Atkins is a leader in the design services industry. Located adjacent to Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, O'Brien/Atkins offers architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, master planning and mechanical, electrical, plumbing engineering services.

  16. Strand Design

    Strand Design

    Strand Design is a Minneapolis-based architectural design firm providing full-service custom modern residential and light commercial design- bridging light, material, and nature to create forms and experiences that strive to enhance the lives of its occupants.

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    MOS is an interdisciplinary practice engaging in architecture and design through an inclusive methodology of research, expansive collaboration, and extensive experimentation. The work develops through research ranging from typology, digital production, structure, material, program and use, to larger networks of social, cultural, and environmental consideration. The scope of MOS's research constantly shifts and expands as each individual project has the potential to engage a unique set of parameters, specific to its condition.

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    Spring Line Design

    SLD is an integrated architectural design and structural engineering firm that serves clients in the Capital Region and throughout New York and Massachusetts. We specialize in Integrated Architecture + Structural Engineering for Seamless Building Design. SLD is a certified NYS Woman-Owned Business.