Architectural Design Studios in Australia

  1. LAVA


    The Laboratory for Visionary Architecture seeks to continually define new boundaries in the creation of architectural visions and city space. LAVA's research and design focus allow the evolution of architectural and urban design outcomes inaccessible through traditional methodologies.

  2. B.E Architecture

    B.E Architecture

    B.E Architecture is a Melbourne based contemporary architectural practice located in Prahran which specialises in Residential Architecture & Interior Design.

  3. Denton Corker Marshall

    Denton Corker Marshall

    Founded in 1972, Denton Corker Marshall produces innovative and memorable architecture and urban design. An interest in experimenting with form, materiality and the way architecture is made contributes to the distinctive architectural language for which the practice is critically acclaimed.

  4. blank

    Davenport Campbell

    Davenport Campbell was formed as an architectural design practice in 1977 and has continued to be a leading provider of design services throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific region since then.

  5. BVN


    BVN is one of Australia's largest architectural practices, widely acknowledged for award-winning design across a broad and diverse portfolio in Australia and overseas.

  6. Architectus


    Architectus is a leading design studio that brings together the experience of more than 250 architects, interior architects, urban designers and urban planners. With a strong history across architecture, interior and urban disciplines, Architectus teams have specialist expertise across all industry sectors, on projects from the smallest to largest scale.

  7. Andronas Conservation Architecture

    Andronas Conservation Architecture

    Andronas Conservation Architecture is an award-winning practice focused on heritage architecture. The studio believes that existing buildings are a precious resource and seeks creative ways to revitalise them for changing use patterns, cultural contexts and economic viability.

  8. NH Architecture

    NH Architecture

    NH Architecture is a leading Australian design studio founded on the principles of collaboration & open debate, where architects and designers are united by a commitment to creating outstanding contemporary architecture. We seek a new expression for architecture as a public construction unencumbered by the traditional and narrow definitions of function or type.

  9. Roth Architects

    Roth Architects

    Roth Architects is a group of architects in Sydney that combines creativity and practicality to turn our client's vision into reality. We offer architectural services for residential and commercial projects.

  10. Level Architects

    Level Architects

    Level Architects is a design led Sydney based architectural practice specialising in residential projects, interiors and mixed-use developments.

  11. SMAR


    SMAR, founded by UWA Professor Fernando Jerez in 2007 is an awarded Western Australia and Madrid architectural office.

  12. Stafford Architecture

    Stafford Architecture

    Stafford is a boutique architecture studio in Sydney, Australia specializing in unique, luxury-living experiences with international appeal. Backed by three decades of experience and an extensive list of industry awards, Stafford Architecture is a creative, tech-forward team of architects and designers led by Bruce Stafford and supported by industry-leading architectural talent.

  13. IF Architecture

    IF Architecture

    IF Architecture designs unique architectural and interior environments that deliver character, functionality and investment value to commercial, residential and hospitality spaces.