Architectural Design Studios in Austria

  1. AllesWirdGut


    Since 1999, AllesWirdGut has been working on projects of different scales - from interior design to urban strategies - with a strong international team of 40 talented architects & designers.

  2. blank

    MOH Architects

    MOH Architects is a Vienna based group of architects dedicated to developing an innovative approach towards architecture, urbanism and design.

  3. ARSP


    Architekten Rüf Stasi Partner (ARSP) is an internationally operating architecture firm with studios in Dornbirn and Stuttgart. Always tailored to the desired use and context, ARSP creates buildings for living, working, studying, industry, tourism and research.

  4. Smartvoll


    Smartvoll is a team of unconventional thinkers and visionaries. We are a compact team with less members than the number of letters in the word smartvoll.

  5. BEHF Architects

    BEHF Architects

    Established in 1995, BEHF Architects is an award-winning architectural office based in Vienna that has achieved international acclaim. With about 120 employees, it is one of Austria's largest and most interdisciplinary architectural offices.